About Us

It all started with this man, our Inspirational Founder...

My friend and brother, Scott.

He was the kind of person you could rely on, any day, no matter what.

His presence in your Life could change your entire World for the better.

For me, he was a Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual Rock that I could always depend on.

I knew him my entire life - our mothers went to school together, and we knew each other basically since birth.

Which made what came next so difficult...

I was living in Austin, TX and I was just trying to live.

Barely a penny to my name, working hard to barely pay bills and keep a roof over my head.

One night I was scrolling through Social Media, when I saw it...

See, Scott had been Battling against Inoperable Brain Cancer for years.

It had gone into Remission for awhile... but came back horribly.

His wonderful Spouse posted the painful trials of their day - the date was 5/31/2019.

One thing stuck out that tore my heart open.

She asked Scott what was wrong, and he replied, "I'm dying."

They lived in Colorado, which was about 900 miles away from me.

Every ounce of me wanted to be with him, to help him, but I didn't have the means.

I wanted to do something, anything to help, but I couldn't think of a single thing I could do.

I felt Powerless and Hopeless.

I remember sitting on the floor, breaking down, with one thought coursing through my mind.

"What can I do?"

I felt Empty.

My Friend who had done so much for me in my life was far away and there was nothing I could do...



I asked myself the same question, but in a different way...

"What 'Can' I Do?"

Immediately my mind searched for an answer, and came up with this...

"I 'Can' Run..."


That question became the base for much of my Life.

That answer became the base for Change The World Fitness.


We live in a World today where we often only see the Darkness that exists.

It is common to feel like there is Nothing we can do to Improve the World around us.

It feels like there are so many things set against us, and we ask ourselves Hopelessly...

"What can we do?"

I want the World to ask that same question, but with Hope and to find an Answer.

"What 'Can' We do?!"

It may not feel like much, but at Change The World Fitness, we believe there is always 'Something' we 'Can' do to Improve the World around us.

Even if it is only Improving Ourselves for those around us through Fitness.

I am the other Founder and Chief Regenerative Design Officer, Cody Dakota Wooten C.B.C., and I know this has far more Impact than we Realize.

I have done Award-Winning Research into Human Psychophysiology in order to understand how we can Create the next generation of Legendary Leaders.

Even if we don't always 'See' the Impact, our Bodies 'Directly' Impact our ability to Lead.


When you purchase any Item from Change The World Fitness, you are making a Promise to those around you that you are Improving Yourself to become a Better Leader.


That is how you will Change The World!


However, we have gone further than this because we also know that the Stakes are High in Today's World.

Not only can you Change The World through Improving Yourself, but every purchase has a further Impact!


A portion of Every Purchase will be used to 'Directly' Improve our World!


With this, many of our Products are also made with Eco-Conscious and Recycled Materials so that we can make an even Larger Impact!

Every purchase then becomes a way that you are Truly making the World a Better place!


Here at Change The World Fitness, We are a Community Making an Impact!


Join the Movement!


Here to Serve You and the World,