Why Would I Train Even If I've Worked Hard And  Am Low On Energy? Looking At Future Goals

Why Would I Train Even If I've Worked Hard And Am Low On Energy? Looking At Future Goals

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If you follow my Instagram account, you would know that last night I did a 3-Mile Run starting at 12:30 AM.

What you may not have known is that before that I had woken up at 7 am to start getting ready to move, and ended up with close to 20,000 Steps "Before" my Run, with lots of moving stuff around in the Texas Heat over 90 Degrees.

If you read my work frequently you also know that I often talk about the importance of Energy (Mg-ATP) and Maximizing that toward our Goals.

Now, I know you may be wondering - how could I be "Maximizing" my Mg-ATP "While" also doing something that seems perhaps a bit Overboard to most people?

I mean, how often do you see people going for a run after midnight?

Nearly Never - I'd know because when I do it, I never see other people out with me when I do late-night runs.

Well, there's a lot more going on than first meets the eye.

One thing to consider is what my Goals are with Running.

For that, there are quite a few.

The first is that I am doing something known as 30 For The Kids.

It is a fundraising event for a few different Non-Profits where you commit to 30 Days of Workouts through June.

So, part of the reason I am running is to Keep My Word to that Commitment.

Sometimes, we have different Stressors in our Lives.

How those Stressors Impact us will be different for different people.

In this scenario, deciding whether to do a late-night run when I'm tired from a long day is a battle of different Stressors.

On the one side, there is the Physical Stressor of being Tired.

If I Choose to Not Run, then I Avoid this Stressor.

On the other side, there is the Emotional and Spiritual (Purpose-Driven) Stressor of being Committed to this Cause.

If I Choose to Run, then I Avoid this Stressor.

From here, it is a matter of looking at which Stressor is Worse - aka Minimizing Total Stressors.

For me, I Consistently Train my Body to Handle Physical Stressors.

It is a Tiny Stressor at the end of the day, and one which I know I can Recover from quickly.

On the other side, being an Exemplar is Incredibly Important to me and my work.

Not Living Up to My Commitment would be a Significantly Larger Emotional and Spiritual Stressor.

So there is No Competition for me.

I Run.

Then there is another Goal I have that must be considered.

I haven't talked about it for some time, because my Injury from a year and a half ago sidetracked me, but the Goal Remains.

I am still Committed to my Journey To The 7, where I will be documenting and tackling my Progress to completing Spartan's Project 7.

Project 7 consists of 7 of the Toughest Endurance Events across different types of Events.

Now, what does that have to do with Late Night Runs?

Well, a few things.

2 of the Events for Project 7 are 24-Hour Races requiring me to Continue Pushing Myself for the 24-Hours.

How do you Train for an Event like that?

You put your Body through Stressors to Increase your Stress Threshold so that you can Grow your Capacity to do such Events.

You must do so in a way where you don't push your Body "too" much at any single time because getting to Flow States can dramatically Improve your Threshold, but Significant Dis-Stress can hold you back or Completely Prevent you from Achieving your Results.

The key is that Increasing Your Threshold takes some time.

However, there is another race that requires an Increased Stress Threshold.

It is called The Death Race.

It is a Multi-Day Challenge that requires you to Conquer Your Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual Limits to Finish.

The point of The Death Race is to Try to Get You to Quit, and every Race is completely different.

You cannot "Truly" Prepare for whatever Events you will be Forced to Complete.

They usually have a Drop-Out Rate of 90%+ Every Year.

Many sign up, but Less than a Handful ever Finish.

That is the type of Event I am Preparing Myself For.

As Ridiculous and Crazy as these types of things may "Appear", We as Humans "Should" be able to Accomplish Them.

Humans are the most Incredibly Designed Creatures in Existence, Capable of Significantly More than We Realize!

Part of My Goals is to "Show" and "Demonstrate" that these types of things "Are" Possible.

Those are the types of things I am Preparing myself for.

It is why I Run Barefoot Frequently, do Late-Night Runs, and exercise in Crazy Heat.

With all of this, there is another thing that you must take into Account.

Do I Go Hard in my Training and my Work?


But, perhaps "More" Important is that I Go Hard in my Recovery

A Major Key to Success, whether it is in Work, Business, Fitness, or "Any" Aspect of Life is your Recovery.

Most People don't See "How" I Recover "After" I do Hard Workouts or have Rough Days.

What I know is that All Growth Happens in Recovery, and this is also the Only Path to get to Flow States.

If You Fail in Your Recovery, You Will Fail in Life.

It is that Simple.

You can Accomplish Significantly More than You Believe, "But" it Only Happens when we Transition between Flow and Recovery Well.

Want to Change The World?

I am on a mission to show that when "We" work together, We "Can" Change The World!

There is currently a competition for Mr. Health and Fitness 2024 with a prize of $20,000.

Which is How "You" Help Change The World!

I have plans to use 100% of the Prize to support 3rd Party Verified Projects around the World that address the Most Critical Ecosystem Aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

At a minimum, my Goal is to accomplish:

  • 10,000 m2 of Habitats Protected for Critically Endangered Species

  • 56,000 Plastic Bottles Removed from Our Oceans

  • 500,000 m2 of Coral Reef Restoration

  • 1,000,000 Miles of Car Emissions Removed

However, I can "only" do this with "Your" Help!

Together, we can accomplish Incredible things in the World, and I want to show Everyone the Power of that!

I humbly ask you to join me, and Vote to Make the World Better!

This is what you can do:

If you are even considering helping, I truly appreciate you, and I know you have so much Potential to Change the World!

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