Why Most People And Businesses Fail To Truly Be Creative Or Innovative - Why You Must Consistently Create

Why Most People And Businesses Fail To Truly Be Creative Or Innovative - Why You Must Consistently Create

There are a lot of people who want to Create something Amazing.

But at the end of their Life, they end up with nothing to show for it.

Why does that happen?

More than anything, it comes down to Consistency.

So many people think that Masterpieces are a Singular Act that Changes Everything.

But it never works like that in Reality.

The people who are the Most Creative develop sets of Skills and Abilities over their Lifetime.

It is Never a Single Act.

It comes with the Day In and Day Out Action of Developing those Skills and Abilities to their Potential.

When people try to do only a Singular Act of Creation, they Nearly Always Discover the Same Thing...

It Is Not Good.

There are, of course, a few cases where someone "was" lucky in a first Creation, but those Individuals then Always Discover Another Thing...

Their "Next" Creation Is Not Good.

These Individuals become known as "One Hit Wonders".

The Reason they only ever have One Hit is that They Never Developed Their Skills to Create Another.

It does Not Matter how Talented, Skilled, Smart, Amazing, or Any other Adjective You may be.

The Reality is that if you Fail to Develop Your Skills and Abilities, You Will Fail to be Creative.

You See this Failure in Creativity All the Time in Business, or as it is often referred to, Innovation.

Some Businesses do stay afloat by Buying Truly Creative/Innovative Companies.

But their own projects, those Led and Shaped 100% by them, always end up flopping.

Just look at Facebook (or Meta).

The Company "Happened" across something that worked which put it on the map...

But what has been Innovative Since?

I can't say I have seen anything.

There is a Reason most people today see Facebook as a Fossil.

Instagram was Truly Innovative in comparison to Facebook, which is why Meta bought it.

WeChat was a Different type of Innovative, which is also why Meta bought it.

These Purchases were made "Because" Facebook Failed to be Creative and Innovative.

Have any of these Apps become "More" Innovative since?


Meta has been behind on Innovation for a long time.

Regardless of whether you think TikTok is good or bad as an organization, no one can deny that it was Innovative and has truly shown how truly Behind Meta is at Innovation.

The closest thing to "Innovation" that Meta has had in recent times is their Metaverse Headset... which Flopped.

They had a Huge Marketing Ploy to become "The" Metaverse's Future with the Name Change to Meta, but they are Behind in the Metaverse as well.

Fortnight and Roblox have a stronger audience for the Metaverse than Meta.

Not to mention Meta's Failing push into AI.

Why is Meta so far Behind on Innovation?

They rarely come out with anything New.

See, for Creativity to truly be unlocked, you have to Fail.

A Lot.

Most of your Ideas will Fail, and to get to the Best Ideas Quickly, you have to Fail Faster.

You must get more Consistent in pushing forward.

But so many People and Businesses Fail to Push Forward Quickly.

They have Ideas that they hold onto.

Ideas that they keep holding onto.

For a Long Time.

Sometimes until they Collapse.

The Problem is that we, as Humans, have Flawed Perceptions of Reality, and we can "Only" Gain a Better Perception by Consistently Testing Creative Ideas.

Most will Fail because, No Matter how Amazing "Any" Individual may be, their Perception is Flawed in Scope.

It is Impossible to Overcome this Flaw "Unless" We Expand the Scope.

This Expansion Only becomes Possible by Sharing what we have.

When we Share it, we quickly discover what Is Or Is Not "Actually" Creative.

Most of what we Believe Will Be Creative just Will Not Be.

It isn't because the Ideas are necessarily wrong, though sometimes they are, but more often because our Scope is Flawed.

That is something that is Innate to being Human and is Not Possible to Overcome on Our Own.

This is also why you Must be Consistent with Creativity.

That Consistency will Guide the Creative Process to something "Truly" Amazing.

Significantly Beyond what We could "Ever" Imagine on our Own.

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