Why I Never "Pitch" My Businesses Or Ventures - What I Find To Be More Beneficial... And Fun!

Why I Never "Pitch" My Businesses Or Ventures - What I Find To Be More Beneficial... And Fun!

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It is common in the world of Business for people to Pitches.

Sometimes it is for a Product.

Other times it is for a Service.

Then there are times when the Pitch is simply an Idea.

But over the years, I've stopped doing Pitches.

You may wonder how someone can become a Multi-Award-Winning Coach and Digital Writer without making Pitches.

(Nearly 500 Articles and 42 Nominations & Awards over the past 1.5 Years alone)

Before I dig into that, let's look at what a "Pitch" really is.

Looking at definitions, these are a few that give us Insight:

  • Noun: The Level of Intensity of Something

  • Noun: A Form of Words used when trying to Persuade someone to buy or Accept something

  • Verb: Throw or Fling Roughly or Casually

  • Verb: Make a Bid to Obtain a Contract or Other Business

Now, let's dive into the Challenges around this.

The first definition is simply a Level of Intensity, but what is that Intensity for?

Strong Intensity can be great in certain situations, but in others, it can be really bad.

Which is it in this situation?

What "Intensity" do you want for a Business or Venture Pitch?

Well, in a twist, it ends up being Bad in either situation.


Well, in a "Pitch", you are Throwing or Flinging your Business or Venture "at" someone.

Think of it like a Baseball Game.

As the "Pitch-er", you are throwing it at the "Strike Zone".

If you get it past the "Pitch-ee", or "Batter" as it is in this situation, using High Intensity, then you Win...

But the "Pitch-ee"/"Batter" Loses...

Or you could take the other route.

You could "Pitch" Casually or with Low Intensity, and allow the "Pitch-ee"/Batter to hit a Home Run!


Then "You" Lose as the "Pitch-er".

This then explains why there are "Bids" and "Persuasion" that are required to get people to "Accept" the Business or Venture.

They are all methods for one side or the other side to "Win".

But there is a Problem with this type of Battle to Win a Pitch.

All Flourishing is Mutual.

That means if One Side of the Pitch Loses (Either the Pitch-er or the Pitch-ee) then Really "Both" Sides Lose in the long run.

Neither can Flourish if the other is not.

By Design, this system creates a Perpetual War between the Pitch-er and Pitch-ee, even long after the original "Pitch" as the Game of "Bidding", "Persuading", and "Accepting" continues.

Businesses are Re-Negotiated.

Terms are Changed.

Each tries to Gain an Advantage over the other.

But as the Fight happens Internally, both sides Lose.

So, how do we Overcome this?

What can we do Instead?

To that, I would ask you this Question.

Why Fight Internally?

This Question highlights the Problem and also Reveals the Solution.

As long as you are Internally Fighting, you will "Always" Lose.

It may be a Long, Drawn-Out, Painful Loss, but it will be a Loss nonetheless.

So, instead, Refuse to Fight Internally.

Why Fight each other within our own Businesses or Ventures, when we could instead Work Together?

There are "Many" Battles happening around us.

We don't have to Create another War between us when we could instead Work "Together" against Larger Forces.

I don't need to "Pitch" anyone of anything when I could instead make a "Call To Adventure".

If you are not familiar with this term, it comes from the work of Joseph Campbell who studied Myths and Legends across Cultures.

He discovered that across basically every Story, there is a Framework (which is Fairly Consistent) that a "Hero" Must go on to become a "Legend".

So in my work, my Goal is to help others become "Legendary Leaders".

To become a "Legend", you must first do something "Heroic", which means going on a "Hero's Journey".

The First Step of the Hero's Journey is the "Call To Adventure".

There is a Problem or Challenge that already exists, which the Hero is Called toward.

That Problem or Challenge may be internal - Such as Battling Stressors that are causing Burnout.

They could also be External - How do I align my Team to Accomplish the Goals we are Setting?

They may be Personal - How do I improve my Neurocardiology to become a Better Leader?

Or they could be External - How do we Make an Impact to Improve the World?

Regardless of what the Problem or Challenge "is", the key is that it "Exists".

Regardless of whether someone works with me, the Problem/Challenge still "Exists" for the Hero who is Called to Adventure.

I do not need to "Persuade" you or force you to make a "Bid" on the Fact that it "Exists".

It "Exists", Period.

As long as it continues to "Exist", the Hero is Losing.

The only way for the Hero to Win is to "Accept" their "Call To Adventure", which is where I come in.

Depending on which Business or Venture we are talking about, I play a few roles.

For some, I play the Role of the Aid, as a Coach, Teacher, or Consultant.

Other times, I provide a Tool to help with Success, much like how a Hero receives a Magical Sword.

Then, there are times when my Role is simply to "Show" the Way, much like how a Hero receives Directions or a Map to the Goal.

In everything I do, I am Creating, Designing, and Finding ways for those I work with to become Heroes.

Often, I am looking for a way the Hero can Change The World - which most Heroes consider to be the Ultimate Goal.

What I find becomes the Adventure, and I only have to present people with the Call to that Adventure.

They may Refuse the Call (which does happen on a Hero's Journey according to Campbell), but the Problem will continue to Exist Regardless...

Until a Hero "does" Accept the Call.

Then, I work with that Hero to become a Legendary Leader.

As they continue to Rise, we both Win, and as the World Changes so does everyone else.

All Flourishing is Mutual.

Isn't that a Significantly more Beneficial way to Live?

Isn't it also so much more Fun to become a Hero?

Isn't it a much more Interesting Goal to become a Legend?

That is why I never "Pitch" anything.

I instead make Calls to Adventure.

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