Where Most Leaders Go Wrong With Their Plans - Part Of The Reason Burnout Has Become So Prevalent

Where Most Leaders Go Wrong With Their Plans - Part Of The Reason Burnout Has Become So Prevalent

When your Goal is to hit the Highest Levels of Success, you discover that there are Many Paths that could lead to Success.

On top of Seeing different Paths, you will have people who will tell you that "This" other Path is "Also" needed for Success.

Often, that is a Path you have Never Heard Of Before, and which requires Expertise that is Completely Outside your Knowledge.

So, how do most Leaders React to all of these different Paths?

They try to Take "All" of the Paths.

Now, often Leaders also have a Team, so they may not be taking All of the Paths by themselves, but collectively their Team will attempt to take them All.

However, this becomes the Problem.



Specifically Mg-ATP, or what the body uses for Energy, created by our Mitochondria.

See, our bodies have a certain supply of Mg-ATP and must "Constantly" be creating more.

However, this Necessity to Create Energy (Mg-ATP) is what Leaders often Fail to Account for in their Plans.

The More Difficult a Plan is, the More Stressors that are Involved, the More Expertise that is Needed (especially when Team Member do not currently possess it) the more Energy (Mg-ATP) is Required.

The More Energy (Mg-ATP) that is Required, the Larger Supply and Resupply You and Your Team will Need to Sustain the Efforts.

Those last few words, Sustain the Efforts, becomes the biggest issue here.

For True Success to happen, you must "Sustain" Efforts.

If the Efforts Are Unsustainable, then "All" Paths will Fail.

When Leaders continue to Pile on Path after Path, on top of everything else they are pushing their Team to Accomplish, it becomes a Recipe for Disaster.

What happens to our Bodies when this occurs?

Well, the Energy (Mg-ATP) Required to Complete these Paths to Success begins to Exceed the Energy (Mg-ATP) that can be Produced.

As this Continues to Happen, when people push their bodies to Use More Energy (Mg-ATP) than they can Create, their Body will literally Tear Itself Apart.

The body begins by Turning Off Systems that may not be needed in the Short-Term, but are "Essential" in the Long-Term.

As the Energy Demands continue to Remain High, these "Essential" Systems Never Turn Back On, so parts of the Body do not get what they need to Function Properly.

On top of this, the Body will "Strip" Systems Down in an Attempt to Create More Energy, quite literally Tearing itself apart.

In a True Survival Situation, this would be good as eventually you could Repair this damage.

However, when the Demands of Work and all of these Paths Never Cease, the Body "Never" gets a chance to Truly Repair Itself.

Eventually, we hit what is known as Burnout.

Burnout is just the state where our Bodies "Literally" can Not take any more and forces us to shut down.

This becomes Extremely Problematic for Leaders as it is Impossible to Attain Success when Teams and Organizations are in Burnout.

There just is Not enough Energy (Mg-ATP) to meet All the Demands of the Paths that Leaders are pushing to get.

When Leaders are spreading the Energy (Mg-ATP) around to attempt to accomplish too many things simultaneously, then None of the Paths become Successful.

It becomes a Double Whammy - None of the Paths are Accomplished "and" You and your Team are already in Burnout.

Once in Burnout, you must take "Extra" Efforts to get out of Burnout, otherwise You and your Team get Stuck in Burnout.

This is what happens when Leaders Fail to take Energy (Mg-ATP) into account.

It is also why so many Leaders are Trapped in both Burnout and Low Productivity.

Their Organizations do not have the Energy (Mg-ATP) to do anything else than what they are doing, and until the Energy Problem is fixed, they will continue to be stuck there.

Until you have Enough Energy (Mg-ATP), Every Path will Fail.

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