When You Must Adjust To Succeed - The Alternatives Are Horrible

When You Must Adjust To Succeed - The Alternatives Are Horrible

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When you want to Attain Spectacular Results, you usually Create Plans to get there.

But there is a great saying that we must also always remember.

No Plan Survives First Contact With The Enemy

Now, of course, that quote (or misquote depending on who you ask) is based on Military Endeavors, but the Principle remains True.

No matter how Amazing a Plan may be when we Create it, it will Inevitably Fall Apart once enacted.

But there is a difference between making Adjustments "because" the Plan has Fallen Apart, and Giving Up on a Plan "before" it has an Opportunity to play out.

So, how do we Know when an Adjustment is truly called for?

Well, there are a few ways to know.

The first is determining if you are looking at a Large Enough Data Set to make a Real Determination.

You see this applied in Sales very frequently.

Many people in Sales give up within their first 10-20 Attempts.

But is that a Large Enough Data Set?

Most of the best Sales People say you need 100 Attempts before determining if there is a Problem with the Plan.

What we must understand is that Small Data Sets are very misleading.

For Instance, let's say there are 2 Sales People with 2 Methods.

Let's say Sales Person 1 has a 60% Close Rate, while Sales Person 2 has a 50% Close Rate.

Which is the Better Sales Person?

Well, you might be inclined to say Sales Person 1...

But what if we showed the Percentages Differently?

Let's say that Sales Person 1 Closed 3/5 Times (60%) while Sales Person 2 has Closed 25/50 Times (50%).

Which one is Better?

Now you're not so certain Sales Person 1 is Truly Better, Right?

But what if we forced both to get to 100 Sales before making a determination.

Let's say that Sales Person 1 Finishes at 10/100 Times (10%) while Sales Person 2 Finishes at 60/100 Times (60%).

Now, with the Larger Data Set, we can Clearly See that Sales Person 2 is doing something Right, while Sales Person 1 has something that needs to be fixed and perhaps only got lucky getting the first few sales.

But it is hard to Know until we have Enough Data.

Another way we Know we must Adjust is if we are running out of Energy (Mg-ATP).

Most of the Time, People Create their Plans and then try to Accomplish them Regardless of any other Factors.

When we combine that with Low Energy (Mg-ATP), you have a Recipe for Dis-Stress.

In Dis-Stress, we are Significantly Less Effective at "Everything" we Do.

Then, if it continues for Long Enough, we end up in Burnout which Creates Worse Problems.

If we find ourselves in Plans where we can't seem to keep up due to too much Energy (Mg-ATP) Loss, it is Unsustainable.

If something is Unsustainable, then it is an Indication that an Adjustment is Necessary.

Then, there is the Resource Question.

Often, there are Plans that Appear Gorgeous on Paper, but when you start to try to Do them, you begin to Realize that you Do Not have the Resources to make them Happen.

Now, if the Resources "Can" be Gained, just in a slightly different way than you Originally Thought, that is Alright and would call for only a tiny Adjustment.

However, sometimes it isn't that easy.

Sometimes you can't get the Budget, Tools, or the People with the Right Skills for the Plan.

Most Organizations end up Sitting and Hoping that "Someday Soon" they will "Suddenly" Get what's Missing...

But it Rarely Happens, and Far More Often the Organization begins to Stagnate and Lose All Momentum.

In this Scenario, you need to make an Adjustment based on what you Do have Available.

What becomes perhaps Ironic here is that when you try to Wait for the Right Things they never arrive, but when you Adjust with what's Available you suddenly find that "More" becomes Available very quickly.

What happens is that when you Desperately Need something, everything that can Provide those things will Avoid You.

However, when you show you "Don't" Need them for Success, Success Attracts what you need.

Success Attracts the Money for a Better Budget.

Success Attracts the Availability of the Tools Needed.

Success Attracts High Performers to Your Team.

But that only happens if you Adjust based on what you Currently Have.

This leaves us with one more place where Adjustments become Necessary.

When the Environment Changes.

Things will Inevitably Change in the World, it is part of Life.

Ideally, we want to be "Ahead" of the Changes and want to be the Ones "Driving" that Change.

This is what Companies call "Innovation" which is Unsurprisingly Eluding Most Leaders based purely on Human Psychophysiology.

However, there are times when Circumstances Completely Outside our Control and even Industry can Change the Environment.

2020 was a Perfect Example of an Environmental Change that Forced Businesses to Adjust or Perish.

Indeed, many "Did" Perish because they Didn't Adjust.

When these things happen, Adjustment is key.

Creating Plans is Great, and I'm a Huge Fan of having Plans, but we also must be Ready to Adjust.

Often, how quickly we Adjust is what Determines Success or Utter Disaster.

If you want Success, always be ready to Adjust when the Time is Right.

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