What Motivates Me To Keep Going? Even When I Don't "Feel" Motivated

What Motivates Me To Keep Going? Even When I Don't "Feel" Motivated

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I often get asked what Motivates Me.

How can I keep going when most others would stop?

When I pursue something, I try to push the limits of what I can do.

I've received over 15 certifications in my work covering various aspects of Psychophysiology.

I've Written Articles every single day for over 500 Days Straight, including during Vacations and Holidays.

I've run 50 Kilometers (31 Miles) and done 60 Obstacles in a single day - twice! (So far!)

Plus, I have higher Goals that I'm aiming for!

So how do I do it?

How can I keep going?

How do I stay Motivated, even when I don't "Feel" Motivated?

The Truth is that I very often don't "Feel" Motivated.

There are many days when my brain says, "No one is paying attention, you don't have to go further today."

In all Reality, I "don't" have to go further.

I could stop today, and in a year, no one would be the wiser, even as I write that thought here.

Some People are paying attention today, but we generally have so many Struggles we face in our lives that we forget what others say over time.

If I stopped, people would forget in time.

So Why do I keep going?

Even if no one else is pushing me to go further, or asking me to, or would care over time, why would I continue to push further and further?

Well, part of it has to do with my own Character.

Others may not care if I miss a day or stop pushing further, but "I" would care.

At the end of my Life, I will have myself to face - everything I could have done, and everything I chose not to pursue.

The number one thing that people say on their Death Bed is, "I wish I had..."

I never want to be that person.

At the end of my Life I want to say, "Wow, it is so awesome that I did..."

However, there is more to it than that.

Part of my Fascination in Life is the question of what makes a Legendary Leader?

Where can the Limits of our Potential drive us to?

How Far can we get if we Dedicate ourselves?

These types of Questions Drive me in so many ways.

Mixed in with these Questions is the Belief that we must be Exemplars of our own Beliefs.

To me, that means that if I want to find the answers to these Questions, it is not enough to only ask others or help them go the distance, I "must" answer them for myself as well!

How can "I" become a Legendary Leader?

Where can the Limits of "My" Potential drive me?

How Far can "I" get if "I" Dedicate Myself?

Looking for the answers to those Questions pushes me to keep going, even when I don't "Feel" like it.

Then, deep in my soul, there's a part of me that will tell me, "You can keep going, you've got more in you."

Is it true, or is it a delusion?

Well, every time it's told me I can keep going, I manage to figure out how to get there.

It doesn't always happen Quickly, and there are many Challenges and Struggles along the way, sometimes I need to Learn brand new things, but I still get to it eventually.

If I continue to get to the Goal, there's gotta be something to that voice!

So, I continue to keep pushing myself!

Perhaps what Motivates Me most though is the Fact that Life has so much to Offer!

There is so much to See, so much to Do, and so much to Experience!

How could you "not" want to See and Do as much as you're Capable?

As I've Researched Humans and what drives us, I continually find that it is our Experiences that seem to Mean the most to us and Define our Contentment with our Lives.

Those with the most Experiences, seemingly more than any other factor, appear to Have the Highest Quality Lives.

More than Money.

More than Fame.

More than Success.

Every person I've seen and met who had a Truly Great Life always came back to their Experiences.

Even in my own Life so far, I always come back to my own Experiences as the best parts of my Life.

So, why wouldn't I go Seeking more Experiences?

That is what Motivates Me!

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