What Does It Mean To Honor? Honoring Sacrifice This Memorial Day 2024

What Does It Mean To Honor? Honoring Sacrifice This Memorial Day 2024

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Today in the States it is Memorial Day.

We Honor those who have given their lives so that we may remain a Free Country.

Now, I'm not someone who enjoys war - In many ways, I wish we would never have to have warfare that leads to death.

When people die in war, there is so much Potential that is lost.

I do not see warfare as a place to earn glory or as something to celebrate.

On the same note, I also am not so naive as to miss the fact that there are bad players in the world.

Some are willing to lie, manipulate, cheat, torture, and murder to get what they want, and they will do it at the expense of everyone around them.

It's a sad part of Reality.

I also think there is something incredibly Noble about someone willing to stand against those kinds of forces at all costs.

When someone joins the US Military, they understand that it puts a literal target on their back.

All for what?

To give others who they will never know, who also may not appreciate it, a chance at a Future that they may never get to experience?

To stand as Protectors, even if they don't necessarily agree with the people in charge?

To work tirelessly and diligently to become master warriors to be dropped into a warzone at any moment without hesitation?

That level of Courage and Dedication to work against Dire Odds I believe is very Honorable.

When it comes to war, those Dire Odds sometimes are not in favor of the individuals Brave enough to face them.

They could be the best-hearted individuals, with families who are waiting incredibly patiently with the best of hopes and prayers, and they still may not beat those odds.

Those are the types of Individuals we Honor today.

Those whose lights were extinguished too soon.

Without their sacrifices, the world could be a significantly darker place.

I will Always Appreciate what their lives paved the way for.

I may not always agree with the country's leaders, or how things are done, but you can be certain I will Appreciate those who willingly put their lives on the line and give everything.

I also want to give my prayers to those who have lost their spouses, their parents, their children, their siblings, and all other close Family to war.

Today is perhaps hardest for them, for though we Honor their loved ones, today also is a reminder of what has been lost or taken.

Those Hopes unfulfilled.

Those Prayers seemingly never answered.

The Pain that continues to be carried.

That is not an easy thing to have in your Heart.

Honor does not fill the holes that exist.

It is another of the Tragedies that occur in war.

There is one more thing that I would add to this.

What does it mean to Honor?

Is it to just say pretty words?

To give Thanks to those who gave everything?

To give Prayers to those who are left behind?

Is that really enough to Honor?


No, it absolutely is Not.

Words mean nothing.

You can say you "Honor" something and still bring disgrace through your Actions.

If you truly want to "Honor" those who gave their lives, then take Action toward what they gave their Lives for.

A Better World.

A Better Life.

A Better Future.

They did not Sacrifice so that we could sit by and do nothing, to allow things to decay around us.

They Sacrificed so that "We" could Improve the World around us.

Do not "say" you Honor anyone unless you plan on "doing" something to Honor them.

If you truly want to Honor the Sacrifices of those we Remember today, "How" are you going to "Do" it?

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