Want To Change The World Starting Right Now? Join The Movement Today

Want To Change The World Starting Right Now? Join The Movement Today

The World is in Desperate Need of Change...

But so many people feel completely Powerless to do anything about it.

I know, too well, how that feels.

I have seen the pain in people's faces.

I have seen the destruction around us.

Both of the Environment and Human Beings.

Facing it all, I have often wondered if there was Hope.

For many years, I have been tackling that Problem from the Leadership Angle on the Quest to Create the Next Generation of Legendary Leaders.

Over time, I have come to this definition of Legendary Leaders:

Legendary Leaders are Exemplars who Design Regenerative Legacies.

I constantly Challenge People to "Be" More.

I don't care what you say, I care what you "Do".

What we need Leaders to "Do" is to Design Regenerative Legacies.

I am not excluded from this.

I, too, must be an Exemplar of what I Say and Write.

In that effort, I have taken the Role of Chief Regenerative Design Officer of my Business where I am Actively Making and Tracking Impact.

What Impact has been made so far?

  • Nearly 100 lbs of Plastic Collection from our Oceans (Equivalent of 2,100 Plastic Bottles)
  • Planting 27 Mangroves and cleaning 108 square meters of forest, offsetting Nearly 21,000 Miles of Carbon Emissions from Vehicles
  • Restoring 11 Microhabitats which will help the Critically Endangered Pseudophilatus Amboli Frog and Buceros Bicornis Bird.

    That is just where we are starting, and I want You to join me for the next Phase.

    Today, I want to give you a way to say, "I Can Change The World!"

    Yes, Today, by the time you finish reading.

    To Accomplish this, we will need to tackle Multiple Problems Simultaneously.

    The first Aspect of this will be accomplished by being an Exemplar of Designing A Regenerative Legacy.

    A "Very" Important piece of this is Maximizing our Energy (Mg-ATP).

    Our Leadership Abilities become Capped by the Quality of our Psychophysiology.

    If our Psychophysiology is Great, then we can often Lead at Levels Higher than our Skills Indicate possible.

    On the other hand, when our Psychophysiology is tearing itself apart through Dis-Stress and Burnout, as it is with 80% of People today, then we will Fail as Leaders despite what "Skills" we have.

    Leadership is a Physical Game.

    One of the ways to Improve our Psychophysiology is to Improve our Physiology.

    The quality of our Breathing and Movement actually has a Direct Correlation with the Quality of our Thinking.

    Due to this, we need to add Movement to our Lives to become better Leaders.

    This is why The Leadership Guide is launching, today, a Fitness Apparel Line!

    Change The World Fitness Apparel.

    And It Gets Better!

    The Idea to have a Fitness Component to my Impact started years ago with my friend, Scott, the Inspirational Founder of Change The World Fitness Apparel.

    You can read his story and how it Inspired this Project in the About Us Section of the website.

    It comes down to this Question - "What 'Can' I Do?"

    In creating this, I asked What is in Our Power to Change The World?

    I Discovered a few Answers.

    The first was that the Textile Industry has created many problems for the Planet.

    It is estimated that 11.3 Million Tons of Textile Waste end up in U.S. landfills yearly.

    That doesn't account for the rest of the World.

    To combat this, our first product, the "I Can Change The World" Sports Jersey, is made with 100% Recycled Materials.

    Over time, we will be adding more Recycled and Eco-Conscious Products to our lineup.

    This, however, is still not all the Impact we are making!

    We are also going to directly send a portion of our Profits to help with Projects around the World that are actively Fixing the Planet.

    This includes Ocean Cleanup, Mangrove Reforestation, and more!

    As today is Earth Day, with the Focus being on Plastics, I am also going to do something Extra Special.

    100% of Profits from Sales between today and the end of the day on 4/29/24 will be going to funding a project in the Philippines with the following UN Sustainability Development Goals:

    • Life Below Water - Stopping plastic from entering the ocean, helping protect marine life from plastic pollution
    • No Poverty - Collection community members receive stable, secure income for the plastic they collect, as well as additional benefits (such as life and health insurance, meal vouchers, and internet access)
    • Decent Work And Economic Growth - Providing Opportunity to over 23,000 collection members in vulnerable coastal areas around the world
    • Partnerships For The Goals - Nurturing global partnerships to promote sustainable development

      My Goal is to see just how much Good a Community of People can Accomplish when We Work Together.

      Will you be a Leader and Help Change The World?

      How Much Good Can We Achieve?

      If you want to be a part of this Community to Change The World, here is what You 'Can' Do:

      • Purchase Shirt(s) and Apparel (More Designs and Items Are Coming!)
      • Get A Gift for Others (Show Them That They 'Can' Change The World!)
      • Do Something Fitness-Related (Your Health Is Important As A Leader!)
      • Share and Talk About This Article and These Products (Tag Me so I can Thank You!)

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        You have more Power than You Realize.

        The World Needs You.

        Let's Change The World Today!

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