Using Music To Improve Leadership And Success - Plus What I Use To Accomplish This

Using Music To Improve Leadership And Success - Plus What I Use To Accomplish This

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Most Leaders are looking for any Edge to gain Success.

I'm someone who loves Researching, Studying, and Testing different Theories about how to make that happen.

Some things have little to no effect, while others have Huge Effects.

Then there are other categories where there is "something" to it, but it is widely misunderstood or not utilized well.

Within this last category is where I would place Music being used to Increase Success and Leadership Potential.

Now, if we want to find Success, what we really must find are Flow States.

This is the Psychophysiological State where we Perform Our Best, are Most Creative and Innovative, Learn Faster, and are Best Able to Solve Problems among other things.

If we want the Highest Levels of Success, we can Only get to them through Consistent Flow States.

However, Flow States are not something you can just jump in and out of.

There is a Very Specific Cycle you Must go through to get into Flow States.

If you Fail to go through the Cycle, you will Fail to get to Flow State.

The Cycle is simple.

Struggle, Release, Flow, Recovery.

You must go through all 4 of those Steps, every time.

Now, what does this have to do with Music?

Well, there are a few things that typically keep people from Flow States.

The first is that most people Struggle Too Much.

When you Struggle Too Much, you go into Dis-Stress which is a Flow Blocker.

The next thing that occurs is that most people Do Not Recover Enough.

When you Fail to Recover, you are not able to Fix Stress Damage (also known as Oxidative Stress) or Produce Enough Energy (Mg-ATP) to Function Optimally.

The more often this occurs, you begin to create a Cycle of Problems.

Your Stress Threshold (How many Stressors you can Handle Simultaneously) Decreases due to a Buildup of Stress Damage.

Then this is mixed with Not Having Enough Energy to Sustain Functions being a Significant Stressor, which creates More Stress Damage.

As you can see, this becomes Problematic, so you want to ensure that you Recover Properly.

Finally, for the few who can get into Flow States, there is another Challenge that they often have.

Staying in Flow States.

See, in theory, a Flow State should last between 50-90 minutes.

However, there is something that Frequently Pulls People "Out" of Flow.


When you get Pulled Out of Flow, it is Challenging to Get Back Into It.

Plus, getting Into Flow requires significant Energy (Mg-ATP), so if you get Pulled Out Early, you are essentially Wasting Energy.

Now, when it comes to Music, All Three of these can Benefit from Music.

Music does have an Ability to Reduce our overall Stressors.

This is Why so many people turn to Music when they are Struggling.

Music has a way of Relaxing Us.

When it comes to Flow States, most people Struggle Too Much, but when you add Music, it can reduce that Struggle in the Moment.

When done well, it can help Guide the Body from Dis-Stress to Eu-Stress where we can get into Flow.

Then, once you are "In" Flow, Music can be a way to prevent a loss of Focus.

Many Distractions become Filtered Out when we Listen to Music, which can then help us Stay in Flow Longer.

From here, we look at Recovery where, again, the ability of Music to Reduce Stressors becomes Beneficial Again!

Different types of Music can help us lower our Stressors enough that Recovery becomes Possible.

Whether it is Music that is designed to get your Mind Off of Tasks (Reducing Mental Stressors), or Music designed to help you Sleep (Our Ultimate Recovery), it allows us to get a deeper Recover so we can be Ready for more Flow States.

Now, as you can imagine, Music will Impact us all differently.

Some people are comforted by Screamo Metal, while others prefer a Country Folk, a Gangsta Rap, or maybe a Carribean Reggaeton.

Music is extremely diverse, and many factors Impact how we respond to it, including Culture, our Current Mood, and even Relationships.

Something Important though is that you want the Music to Match what you are trying to Accomplish.

Similarly to how Music can help us Engage in Flow Better, the Wrong Music at the Wrong Time can also Block Flow.

For Instance, if you are trying to Focus on your Work, but your Favorite Song comes on that you "Must" Sing to... Well, you may have just lost your Flow State because your Focus went to that song.

Or maybe you are trying to Relax and Recover, and then your Ex's Favorite Song blares in which brings back Emotional Memories, often for the worse, which ends up Ruining the Recovery.

For these Reasons, I really Enjoy using* to help me Optimize toward my Goals.

They have different categories of Music that I can select from.

If my Goal is to Write, I probably want to use their Creativity or Deep Work selection.

If I'm instead looking to Recover, I can choose from their Relax, Sleep, or Meditate Categories depending on what type of Recovery I'm doing.

Then, if there's a song I enjoy, I can give it a heart to hear more like it, and if there is a song that doesn't jive with me I give it a thumbs down and I stop hearing that kind of music.

What is also really cool is that they do Research and Create their own Music Designed to "Entrain" our Brains to these Optimal States.

Basically, the Music targets certain Brain Regions that are centers for different Functions, meaning that it prepares the Brain for the Task you're looking for!

For me, having my Brain Prepped is Essential, and I try to use every tool that works to aid me toward my Goals.

But regardless of if you use* like I do, or you curate a list, Music can be a Powerful Tool for Peak Performance!

I know in the past I've used The Lord of the Rings and Star Wars soundtracks to help me Focus (all Instrumental), and a variety of other music to help me Relax.

As long as you are Matching the Music to the Results you're looking for, you can see some Great Success!

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