Understanding Opportunities For Success - Don't Get Too Hung Up On A Singular One

Understanding Opportunities For Success - Don't Get Too Hung Up On A Singular One

Sometimes, you will see an Amazing Opportunity for Success.

If you're like me, you'll see the Opportunity and have 100 Ideas about what you could do with it if you got it.

Most people in this Situation begin to put All of their Hopes and Dreams into that Singular Opportunity.

Now, if you get the Opportunity, then it feels Amazing and like it was Meant to Be (Whether it "Actually" is or not usually is discovered within a week).

However, there is a Large Majority of the time where the Opportunity will either be Denied to You, or it Will Not play out as you Imagined.

Most people when they Experience this become Consumed by the Loss.

The Loss of their Hopes.

The Loss of this Dream.

The Loss of this Opportunity.

It can end up being a Harrowing Experience at the end of the day.

I know because I have had these types of Opportunities Seen and Lost.

I have Lived in the Melancholy, Misery, and even Depression that can come from these feelings of Loss.

I have even Gotten the Opportunity only for it to be Horrifyingly Different than I Imagined.

However, I have Learned a few things over time.

You Must Understand that you Can't get hung up on Any Single Opportunity.


There are many Reasons for this.

The First is that there are Always More Opportunities for You out there.

Life is filled with Opportunities, and Significantly More than We Realize.

When we get Caught in a Singular Opportunity though, we end up moving through life with Blinders on us.

Our Focus is so Deeply on this Missed Opportunity that we Completely Miss Every other one that Exists.

This becomes Especially Worse when we miss Better Opportunities.

Which leads me to another point.

Most Opportunities are Not What They Seem.

I have been through so many Opportunities that "Appeared" like Winners.

However, over time, I Realized they were Junk Opportunities with really Pretty Packaging on them.

When you look at the landscape of Business, 80% of Employees are in States of Burnout with more on the way, and over 50% of Employees are "Actively" seeking other Employment.

It is HARD to Avoid Junk Opportunities.

Every Business wants you to believe "They" are Amazing, but the Reality is that Few Organizations "Truly" Live Up to the Hype.

Many Organizations Deeply Struggle with Revolving Door Employees and it is because they are currently a Junk Opportunity with Pretty Packaging.

This is Why you also can't get Stuck on a Single Opportunity.

Finding the True Winning Opportunities will require you to go through a "Lot" of Horrible Opportunities.

The Faster you get through the Bad Ones, the Quicker You'll Find the Good Ones.

Plus, another thing is that you can make "Something" out of most Opportunities, even the absolute Worst.

Even if you had an Amazing Concept for an Opportunity that didn't pan out, you can just take that Amazing Concept with you to Another Opportunity!

You may Experience a Terrible Organization, but as you go through it you can Learn What is Going Wrong to become Better for the Next Opportunity.

All of our Experiences around Opportunities, good or bad, can be used and framed in a manner to Accelerate our Growth and Success.

However, to Accomplish this, we Cannot Focus on the Problems and what is Missed.

When we Focus on all of the things that go Wrong, we Lose our Creativity and Innovation.

However, if we Focus on Other Opportunities, we can Utilize that Creativity and Innovation to our Advantage!

Then, the Last thing I'd add here is that Sometimes an Opportunity "Is" Amazing... at least at First.

However, over time, some Opportunities will Stop Providing Value.

It could be because of Changes in the World - the Economy, Consumer Preferences, Leadership Changes, etc.

It could also be because You have Changed and Grown over time, while those around you Have Not.

If we get caught up in how great an Opportunity "Was", we Miss Out on what "Could Be".

In order to Build Success, you have to be able to See and Work with the Opportunities Available, but not be so Attached to them that they Hold You Back.

All of the Barriers to Success become Experienced when we are too Focused on any Singular Opportunity.

In Order to Find Success, we have to be Open to all of the Opportunities that surround us.

Some will work out and others won't, but "You" must Keep Moving Forward Regardless.

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