The Two Types Of Stopping When Facing The Struggle - One Is Needed, The Other Has Consequences

The Two Types Of Stopping When Facing The Struggle - One Is Needed, The Other Has Consequences

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The other day I wrote about the Point in our lives where we Face Struggles.

It is not a matter of "if" we will face Struggle, it is a matter of "when" we will face it.

The Struggle is a Challenge we all face and is Inevitable.

No matter what you do in Life, you will have Struggles.

You cannot Avoid it, even if you try.

If you turn away from it in one direction, you will be confronted with it from a different direction.

If you Fail to Overcome the Struggle, you will over time Learn Helplessness.

Every Failure to Overcome becomes added to a list of Reasons why you "Can't" Accomplish Things until that list becomes Overwhelming and we "Believe" we "Can't" Accomplish Anything.

The Good News is that we can always "Choose" to Overcome Struggles, so if we have run from them in the Past, we can begin to Change the Pattern Today.

If we Learn to Overcome the Struggle, the World opens Opportunities to us.

Now, a wonderful friend and supporter of mine made the following comment:

"I know struggles are inevitable. I know that there is no life without struggles. I know that if I don't face the struggle on this path, I'd face it on another path. But it'd be nice to have a life without struggles. Like, I've struggled enough. I'm exhausted..."

I understand the Feeling.

It is shared by many.

I've had that Feeling myself.

There are many Struggles in Life, and it can feel Overwhelming and Exhausting.

In today's world, there is also an "Epidemic of Loneliness" where many feel completely disjointed and disconnected from others.

When we face these Struggles we often feel like we are facing them alone.

It is Not True, we are Never Alone, but the Perception of Loneliness is Strong today.

Then, on top of this, many people live in Societies that are Plagued by an "Achiever's Sickness".

Society tells us that We are not "Enough", that we need to Accomplish more to "Become Enough", and so must always be working to "Earn" our "Worth".

This pushes people to ceaselessly face Struggle, after Struggle, after Struggle...

Nothing is ever "Enough" so we push ourselves deeper into more taxing Struggles until we are in Burnout where our bodies "literally" are tearing themselves apart.

We feel Exhausted because we "Are" Exhausted!

80% of people are already in Burnout, with more well on their way.

I call this a sickness because it "Is" a Horrifying Sickness and Plague.

Our bodies are Tearing themselves apart!

This is Not a sign of Health!

It makes sense to say things like "I've struggled enough".

Many people are simply Giving Up.

Their Bodies Cannot take any more.

I Understand this Feeling, but I believe we have the Wrong Approach.

See, we already know that Refusing to Face the Struggles is Self-Defeating...

But so is Ceaselessly Facing Struggles.

Especially when people don't even "Want" to face many of the Struggles they are Forced Into due to Circumstances of Life.

So, what is the Solution?

How do we Face the Struggles, Overcome Them, but also Not go into Burnout?

The key to this is understanding that there are Different Types of "Stopping".

When most people look at the Struggles, they see Two Extremes.

I either "Stop" and Lose to the Struggle or I "Power Through" and Overcome the Struggle.

The thinking is Black and White - Stop and Lose, or Go and Overcome.

But in the Long Term, these Extremes are both Losing Plans.

If you Stop and allow the Struggle to Win, then you Learn Helplessness.

If you Power Through and Overcome, it is only a matter of time before Burnout.

But between these Extremes, there is another Necessary Component for Peak Performance.

Stopping to Recover.

Another Article I wrote, "Why You Can't Stay In Flow Forever" explains this in more fine detail.

For our Purposes today, what we must Understand is that Flow States (where Peak Performance is Attained) only happen "if" we Recover.

To Reach Flow States, and to overcome Inevitable Struggles in the Long Term, we "Must" Tactifully Stop and Recover.

If you Stop to Recover, you Gain a greater reservoir of Strength to use to Overcome the Struggles.

If you Fail to Stop and Recover, you "Will" become Exhausted and feelings of Helplessness become Inevitable.

But it doesn't have to be this way.

When we Properly Recover, we also get another Superpower when it comes to Overcoming the Struggle.

See, when we Fine-Tune our Bodies to Handle Struggle, and then Properly Stop and Recover, we can actually "Increase" our ability to Face Larger Struggles!

The technical term is that we can Increase our Stress Thresholds, how many Stressors we can Handle Simultaneously.

Our bodies have a natural way of Adapting and allow us to face whatever Stressors come our way.

However, that Adaptation "only" occurs during the Recovery State.

This means that the Tactical Stop becomes the "Only" way to Handle Future Struggles.

Stopping is not the Problem when it comes to facing Struggles in Life, it is a matter of "How" we Stop, and what "Purpose" we are Stopping for.

If we Stop and allow our Struggles to "Beat" Us into Submission, then it becomes Problematic for us.

However, if we Stop and Properly Recover, we Grow Stronger and become better able to Overcome Struggles.

Stop and Recover when it is necessary, you must have your Strength.

Find Support from Others where you can, You are Not Alone.

Just don't allow Stopping to Define You.

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