The Roots Of Global Unsustainability? - A Perspective And Thoughts

The Roots Of Global Unsustainability? - A Perspective And Thoughts

I was reading through LinkedIn recently when I came across a chart that discussed a potential set of reasons why we find ourselves in an Unsustainable World.

I've talked about this in various forms from a Leadership context, and how if we continue the path we are on we will have Disastrous Results.

For a long time, Leaders have Struggled, and the statistics around Leadership Success have only gotten worse.

But do all of our Problems Globally stem from the same places?

According to Benjamin Casteillo, they do.

From Climate Change, Ecosystem Destruction, and Biodiversity Loss.

To Rising Inequalities and Geopolitical Conflicts.

Can all of these, and more, be explained by a few aspects of our lives?

Well, the theory seems to make sense to me.

A few days ago, I spoke about Stress Chains, and how most of our Stressors are linked to only a few Stressors that cause the rest.

So, what causes these?

It seems there may be 2 different causes of how, collectively, we have created Global Unsustainability.

The first comes from Obsolete Social Structures.

Essentially, every Culture, Religion, and Government designs certain Social Structures to meet certain requirements in the lives of their citizens.

However, over time, these may not function anymore for various reasons.

It could be that Technology makes certain aspects unnecessary, or Technology changes so that old structures have no purpose.

Indeed, our technology has significantly become expansive, and our structures today have struggled to keep up.

Just look at how different governments are looking to set up measures around AI and Social Media, even as the technologies are continually developing further and faster than structures can keep up with.

With this, it seems that a second cause of Global Unsustainability may come from what is termed "Unsuitable Collective Patterns".

This is a way of saying Habits we have developed as a Society.

I have also heard it termed as "Cosmic Habitforce" by Napoleon Hill.

These are Habits that we Learn as a Society, that are passed down to generation after generation, often completely unconsciously.

There does seem to be aspects of these in our lives as generations will often ask, "Why do we do things like this?"...

Only to get the age old responses of, "Because that is how we've always done it" or, "Because I said so".

Now, these do make a lot of sense to me as being Causes of the Unsustainability we see, and it is why I often question norms in our Society.

Are CEOs necessary?

Or, should we call our Consumers?

We often accept things as they are, but we don't necessarily have to if we discover that there are extremely large problems with these systems and ways we have come to live.

But according to Casteillo, these both are Second Order Consequences.

Both are Caused by things further down the Stress Chain.

There are Root Causes that create the Unsustainable Social Structures and Collective Habits.

What are those?

It comes down to these 4 things:

  • Grim History of Humanity

  • Unhealed Collective Trauma

  • Collective Traumatic Stress/Fears

  • Limiting Collective Beliefs

Could these cause all of our other Unsustainability Problems?

It makes a lot of sense to me.

Indeed, our Grim History, past and even recent history, is quite literally forced down our throats constantly.

Watch the News and you'll see this constantly.

All the worst parts of Humanity thrown in your face for 50 minutes straight.

Not to mention the 8 minutes of commercials to try to fill holes society tells you that you are missing in your life that can "only" be filled with "this brand new thing!"

Talk about Collective Beliefs, Stress and Fears!

We also constantly see Collective Trauma being highlighted and reignited throughout the world.

You don't have to look far to see these Collective Traumas both made worse and weaponized by different sects attempting to vie for power in the world.

Along with these, we are also seeing Group Burnout progressing at increasing and alarming rates.

Group Burnout is a form of Traumatic Stress that quite literally destroys us from the inside.

So what are we to do in the face of all of this?

Are we all simply doomed?

Well, not necessarily.

There is still Hope that exists, but it will require us to approach the world differently.

Can we Change the Past?

No, we cannot.

The Past is what it is, as Grim as it may be.

But we can Learn from it.

We can become better.

Instead of allowing the Past to define us, we can decide to Redefine ourselves.

What about our Unhealed Collective Traumas?

Well, all wounds can be Healed if we seek that.

In Psychology, there are 2 ways that Trauma can play out.

There is Post Traumatic Stress, which can then become PTSD and cause many more Problems if we allow it to remain.

Or, there is Post Traumatic Growth, where our lives can Improve after "Any" Trauma we have had.

The key is to see those Traumas as Opportunities to Improve, and to Collectively Heal from them instead of making them worse or relying on them as a crutch.

Can we overcome our Collective Stressors and Fears as a Society?

Absolutely, and I often work with clients to achieve this very Result with great affect.

All Stress Adds, but we can also eliminate them if they do not serve us well.

Can we as a Society Change our Limiting Beliefs?


To Achieve that, we must actively question if what we Believe makes sense, and if it actually Serves us.

I have found that even in the best of Institutions and Belief Systems, there are often still things that are Limiting which we can Improve Upon.

It takes Bravery and Courage to question those things that have existed, especially if they worked well for long periods of times - Centuries or Millennia.

But if we question them, we can find what is Amazing and Beautiful about these Systems, and what can continue to Benefit us, while also Improving Upon them so we can all Flourish.

That should be all of our Goals at the end of the day.

How can we all Flourish?

All Flourishing is Mutual.

We must come together to find the Solutions to Design a Regenerative Legacy.

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