The Easiest Way To Win The Game Of Business - The Key Other Businesses Don't Want You To Know

The Easiest Way To Win The Game Of Business - The Key Other Businesses Don't Want You To Know

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If you want to Win the Game of Business, there is a very easy Tactic you can utilize to help you get ahead.

It is a Tactic that other Businesses, especially the Largest Businesses, do not want you to know.

It is also why so many Leaders at Large Organizations are having an outcry for "Innovation" today.

These Leaders know that if they do not "Innovate", whoever "does" is just one tiny step away from Destroying their Business.

Innovation is the ticket to start, but it needs to be combined with something else.

If you Truly want to Win at Business, you must Break the Current Game.

See, many wonderful Innovations exist and come out, but so often they Fail.

You would imagine that if someone created a better Product or Service it should get ahead, but frequently this does not occur.

Just look at Apple Products which remain the market leaders, despite not having created anything Innovative since Steve Jobs.

Innovation Alone Does Not Win Business.


The Vast majority of the time, those Innovations are put into a Game that is already Established.

The problem with this?

Who "Established" the Current Game?

The Business at the Top.

In many circles they are known as the "Category King/Queen Company".

In any industry, the Category King/Queen owns the majority of the market.

On average, they own 80% of the Market while others fight over the scraps of the 20%.

Even in "Tighter" Competitions, such as Soft Drinks, the Category King/Queen owns more than 50%, and Rarely do they Lose That.

Pepsi has attempted to steal the Crown from Coke for decades, but Coke still owns 60% of the Market.

The reason this Happens?

The Rules of the Game are being Defined by the Category King/Queen.

When the Category King/Queen Defines the Rules of the Game, you can be Positive that the Game "Always" Benefits them.

It is what keeps them at the top, despite other companies and Innovations that exist.

As long as those other companies and Innovations play the Category King/Queen's Game, they will always place Second... or worse.

The only Exception to this Rule is when a New Innovation is Created that "also" Breaks the Current Game.

When this happens, a New Game is created that "Benefits" the New Category King/Queen.

When that Newly Created Market is Strong Enough, It either Destroys the old Category King/Queen or forces them to play a New Game.

For instance, we can look at a current Game Change that has been happening.

For years Google has been the Category King/Queen of Search and has Completely Dominated that Game, gaining above the average percentage in the market.

However, we have recently seen Google Quake in the face of OpenAI and ChatGPT.

Despite the many challenges that exist with AI, what we "have" seen them completely create a different Game.

OpenAI decided Not to play Google's Game.

Innovation + New Game = New Category King/Queen.

It has worked so well that Google is now trying to play OpenAI's Game, but it has not been working for them.

OpenAI has defined New Rules, which Benefit "Them".

Now, is OpenAI better than Google Search?

In my opinion, no... at least not yet.

I personally find too many bugs, issues, and inabilities to read between the lines to use it for my work.

But there "is" a New Game, one that uses a different set of Rules and is set to "Potentially" make Search Irrelevant in the Future.

This is exactly what led to Google playing into the New Game, despite not being the Category King/Queen.

They don't want to become another BlockBuster Story.

When Netflix created the New Game of Streaming, BlockBuster failed to play the New Game and became Irrelevant.

This is also why so many Leaders are "Screaming" for New Innovation.

If "they" don't Create the Innovation under "Their" Rules, then a New Innovation will eventually create an Entirely New Game to their Detriment.

If Businesses want to stay at the Top, "they" need to Create Innovations before New Games are Designed.

But the largest Problem these Leaders face is that their Businesses are Entirely Counterproductive to Innovation.

They "Can't" be Innovative because their Organizations' Designs are working against it Completely.

If they "Truly" wanted to be at the Forefront of Innovation, they would want to look into Regenerative Legacy Design, as it especially targets everything currently standing in their way to Innovative Teams and Organizations.

However, this also means "Now" is a Perfect Time for Truly Innovative Ideas, Leaders, and Companies to "Completely" Change the Landscape of Business.

Which Terrifies Leaders and is Why they don't want others to Understand This simple Tactic.

When they "Can't" Innovate, it is only a matter of Time for Someone Smart to Design a New Game around their Innovation, which will leave the older Organizations Helpless.

I believe that in a very short time, we will see some Major Changes in Business, and it will be very interesting to see who Creates the New Games.

Whoever Creates the New Games will become the Winner.

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