The Best Way To Improve The Leadership Of Your Organization - The School Dilemma

The Best Way To Improve The Leadership Of Your Organization - The School Dilemma

I hear this question often - What is the best way to Improve my Leadership?

It is an interesting question, but sometimes having an interesting question is not what you need to get Results.

See, when you ask this question, you're making a gigantic assumption.

The assumption is that there is "one" thing you need to learn to become a significantly better Leader.

What this might lead you to is a School of Leadership Thought, but this becomes your Problem.

There is no "one" Leadership Program to get the best Results.

There are many different Schools of Leadership that believe they are "the" best Schools.

But there are over 850 Academic Definitions of Leadership, more that are non-Academic, and most have their own Schools of Thought.

Within every one of those Schools, you'll discover this Truth.

It works to some extent for some, and fails for others.

Now, "some extent" I use very loosely here because Leadership Development fails 80% of the time with "limited" success the rest of the time.

This means that within these Schools of Thought, you might find a Tool or Two that may work for a few situations (if you're lucky) before you discover that you're No Longer getting Results.

This become the School Dilemma.

You can go to any School of Thought, but your Results will be Restricted.


There is no singular School of Leadership to Improve your Results.

When you dedicate yourself to a Singular School, you will find yourself with all of the Flaws of that School.

Along with this, when you try to expand that Leadership Style throughout your organization, the flaws will only exponentially compound.

So, what can we do to overcome the School Dilemma?

Think this - Tools not Schools.

What does this mean?

Every School of Leadership Thought is going to have flaws, some of which will be extreme.

But, every School of Leadership Thought is made up of many Tools which may be very useful in certain situations.

When you dedicate yourself to a singular School of Leadership Thought, then it is like only having a Hammer and trying to fix every problem with that Hammer.

If you try to fix your window with a hammer, it probably won't work.

That doesn't mean that the hammer is "useless" though, it just needs to be used in the correct situations, and you need other tools to round everything out.

The more tools that you collect, the more situations you can prepare yourself for.

But the full set of tools you will need do not exist in one School of Leadership.

Plus, the tools that you need will be different the the tools that are needed for others in your organization.

To really push an Organization to the highest levels, the tools will need to be varied across teams.

This is why you want Tools not Schools.

It is also why I no longer do Leadership Development, and designed Legendary Leadership and my Programs in the way that I did.

Leadership Development focuses on Leadership Schools of Thought, and often the Skills that get hijacked by Human Psychophysiology.

Legendary Leadership instead starts with Human Psychophysiology, which underlies everything we do, and then goes into Leadership Cultivation.

What that simply means is to figure out what tools you need at what time, helping Leaders use them, then figuring out how to best expand their Tools.

It makes the assumption that every Leader and Situation will be different, and so you cannot limit the Tools that may be necessary.

This is how I can go into an organization, work with multiple Leaders, and help them drop 80% of their Dis-Stresses within 2 months.

I'm not teaching a Leadership School and trying to force everyone into the inherent flaws that exist within.

I am looking at the Leaders who are each unique Humans with different Strengths, Weaknesses, and Challenges they are "currently" facing and utilizing these to give them the Tools to Win Immediately.

When you help people Win fast, drop their Dis-Stresses quickly, and help them be "their" best, you'll find that those Individuals can accomplish amazing things.

Leadership is about Tools, not Schools.

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