The Best Things In Life Are A Marathon - How Long Will You Last?

The Best Things In Life Are A Marathon - How Long Will You Last?

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Most people believe that you win the game of life in a Sprint.

They put all of their Energy and Resources into a Sprint, hoping to Win.

But do they end up Winning?

The Reality is that they never Win, at least not in the Long Term.

The majority who push for the quick Win end up with nothing at all at the end of the day.

A few will Win "something", and it may even be hailed as a Gigantic Success.

But what happens in 6 months?

1 Year?

10 Years?

It all ends up being lost.

Sometimes in what resembles a Meteor Strike.

The reason is that everything Valuable in Life takes time to obtain.

Skills, Dedication, Mastery, Grit, Resilience, Wisdom, Intelligence, and Understanding.

All of these require you to Dedicate Time and Effort to Obtain.

They are Not Earned through a Sprint.

They are Earned through Bruises, Cuts, Scars, Pain, Overwhelm, and Challenges.

Success comes from You Overcoming all of these.

Not just once.

But Again.

And Again.

And Again.

You get an "Inkling" of what it takes when you Feel like Quitting but Refuse.

That Feeling will hit you Over and Over.

But You know that the Marathon isn't finished yet, so you press forward despite the Pain, the Shaking, the Heat, the Tears, and sometimes even the Blood.

The thing about short-lived Success is that it feels Great, but it makes the weight of the Inevitable Failures feel worse.

When you face those Feelings of Failure First, and learn to overcome them, you discover nothing can hold you back except yourself.

The Mental Game is significantly more difficult than the Physical Game of Success.

The Reason most people are rarely able to reproduce their Successes is because of that Mental Game.

When you think you are "above" Losing, and then you inevitably Lose, it breaks the Psyche.

In that break, there is usually a Survival Instinct that activates, except what you need to Survive is completely different from what you need to Succeed.

In that Survival Mode, you look for the Easiest and Fastest Solution to Survive, but that Solution is Rarely "Good" over time.

It ends up being "just" enough to keep your head "barely" above the surface of the water, as the waves come crashing around you.

Your ability to Think Clearly, to Plan, to become Creative, and Innovative, all go out the window.

But those are the things you need for Long-Term Success.

This all changes though if you first learn to navigate the shallower waters.

When you understand how the current moves, the weight of the crashing waves, and the dynamics of how to swim and hold your breath at the proper times through the intense parts of life, then you get a glimpse of Real Success.

When you can face these things Consistently, and Continue to make Progress, that is when you Truly begin to Succeed.

The thing about Real Success is that you know you won't Win everything all the time.

You know you will Lose Frequently.

The Current will feel like it is going against you.

Yet that is exactly what allows you to Win.

You begin to Realize that the Current isn't against "You".

The Current goes against "Everyone".

The Reason you begin to Stand Out in Long-Term Success is because you "Know" the Current is Against Everyone.

It's an Even Playing Field, more or less, but everyone else thinks that "They" are the Target, when you know it's not Personal.

The Current simply Is.

When people think "They" are the Target of the Current, they feel alone, and trapped, like "Everything" is against them, it becomes Personal and turns into a Fight for their Life.

Except that becomes the Survival Instinct that carries them away from Long-Term Success.

When you know what the Current Is and when you know the Marathon is what Everyone Faces, you Accept it.

In that Acceptance, You Overcome It.

It has no more Power over You, while Everyone Else is Dragged Down.

When you begin to Feel the Pressure, Realize that you are in a Marathon.

That Pressure is just a Signal that you Must keep going.

Success may seem far, but it's Closer than you Realize.

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