Taking Hold Of Opportunity - Why So Many People Do Not Find It

Taking Hold Of Opportunity - Why So Many People Do Not Find It

We live in a World with Incredible Opportunity.

Truly, it is unlike anything Humanity has seen in History.

You could start a Business and be Profitable in a Week, with no Experience.

You could start a Business, without even needing capital or funding!

If you are Creative, you could turn nearly anything into a Business or way to Earn Income.

Just look at some of the Ludicrous ways "Influencers" have shown they can make a Healthy Living!

Yet, so many people are Struggling in Today's World.

Even though Opportunity exists, few take hold of it.

Why is it that this occurs?

I think there are a variety of Reasons.

The first is that people are Afraid.

I can't say I blame anyone for being Afraid - it isn't really their Fault.

There are so many things that bring Fear into our Lives.

From the News to simple Comparison Syndrome maxed out by Social Media.

This doesn't even include the many events that occur in our Lives that make us question our Worth.

These things add up and can make it difficult for us to take the Opportunities that may be right in front of our eyes.

Another aspect of this is all the misinformation that exists around what we "need" to Succeed.

If you go online looking for advice on how to make money, you'll find about a Billion different things people say you "need".

Most of it is completely false and is simply someone trying to sell you "their" solution (which may or may not work), but the overload of options does a few things.

It puts most of us into Analysis Paralysis, where we try to sift through everything.

Further, we end up with Conflicting Information.

This person Succeeded with this, but this other person didn't and Succeeded with another thing, but a third person claims that their Success came from a fourth thing.

No one knows what the third thing does, but there are "experts" saying that it's the "Future"... without explaining what "Future" they are talking about.

When we combine all of these things with Fear, it makes us feel Helpless and Hopeless.

How could we ever Hope to Navigate all of these endless things that continue to pile up?

Yet, there is still another Barrier in the way for most People.


Specifically, the Energy that all Humans use to Survive, Mg-ATP.

We currently live in a World where most things are set up in a way that Directly and Negatively Impacts our Energy.

The food we typically eat, the societal "norms" that we have that are Unhealthy, and the Dis-Stress we feel in all aspects of our lives from Finances and Work to simply Feeling like we are a Part of Anything.

These all end up working against us on a few different levels.

Many of them prevent us from Generating proper Energy (Mg-ATP) in our Bodies.

This is mixed with high levels of Dis-Stress all over the body that Burns through Energy faster than we can make it.

As I say, All Stress Adds.

The final ingredient to this Problem is that we are not Recovering enough.

Recovery is where our bodies attempt to Heal Stress Damage (or Oxidative Stress) while also preparing more Energy as quickly as possible.

Not Enough Energy, plus Excess Energy Use, plus Not Enough Recovery equals Major Problems

The longer this continues, the worse our Bodies become, and the Unhealthier we end up.

Eventually, it leads to Burnout where 80% of people find themselves today.

When we are in this State, our Brains "literally" do Not Function properly.

Due to this, even if we saw the Opportunities, we couldn't see them Clearly or with the right Mindset to make them possible.

These different Aspects make it so that we Fail to Find Opportunities, despite it being so Prevalent.

So what can we do?

Start with the Burnout and Energy (Mg-ATP) Problem.

If those are not fixed first, your Brain will Not be Functioning Properly to take hold of the Opportunities that you find.

Once you fix that, you can then find what Opportunities make sense for "You".

We each have different Strengths and Weaknesses, and to Maximize Opportunities, we must play to our Strengths.

When you combine Opportunities that match your Strengths, with the Proper Energy (Mg-ATP), there is little that can Stop You from Succeeding.

Doors Open.

You Discover New Ways to Maximize Your Efforts.

The Right People Come Into Your Life.

Your Opportunities Grow.

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