Should Leaders Be Terrified Of The Great Resignation 2.0? What The Differentiator Will Be

Should Leaders Be Terrified Of The Great Resignation 2.0? What The Differentiator Will Be

The Great Resignation Caused Extreme Problems for Leaders.

If you look at the Data, the Great Resignation was "Worse" than both the Dot-Com Recession "And" the Great Recession, "After" Controlling for Economic Growth.

To this day, many Leaders are "Still" Dealing with the Fallout from the Great Resignation.

But are things getting Better?

No, they are not.

In Fact, Experts are starting to say that we are about to see a Great Resignation 2.0.

According to these Experts, it will be "Worse" than the Previous One.

Over 60% "More" Employees are considering Resigning Today than during the First Great Resignation.

If the Great Resignation was as Horrible as the Data Shows, Imagine what would happen if it was 60% Worse.

That is the Type of Fallout we are Looking At.

Now, truly I am Not Surprised by these Statistics, and Honestly, I Believe they may be Underestimated.

With 80% of Employees Experiencing Burnout, and more on the Way, I Do Not Blame Employees for Wanting to Resign.

I would Encourage them to do it!

Burnout is when our Bodies "Literally" Tear themselves Apart.

If Employees Feel that their Work and Leaders are the "Cause" of their Burnout (which "is" often a Major Contributor), then it is about Survival.

Employees are not Considering Resigning because they don't "Like" their Work, but because their Bodies "Can't" Survive Under the Conditions.

When you look at the Contributing Factors for the Great Resignation 2.0, you find at the Top of the List is "Higher Workload."

Instead of Figuring out how to make the Workplace Better, most Leaders are Piling on "More" Work, which only Produces Burnout Faster and makes Burnout Worse.

So, should Leaders be Terrified of a Great Resignation 2.0?

Well, it depends.

If Leaders stay on the same path, then Leaders Should Absolutely Be Terrified!

Again, the Great Resignation 2.0 is being estimated to be Over 50% Worse, and Considering the Damage Caused by Round 1, many Leaders and Businesses Will Not Survive Round 2.

If Leaders Fail to Change, then Failure will become their Destiny.

However, all Dark Times "Can" have a Brilliant Line of Hope.

The Largest Changes in Businesses happen during Great Turmoil.

Often, Periods of Great Turmoil lead to Top Companies Falling, and New Companies Replacing them.


Whenever there is Great Turmoil, it means that "Something" is Horribly Wrong.

When Organizations Fail to Understand What is Wrong, they Inevitably Crumble during Turmoil.

But when Organizations "Do" Understand the Problems, and "Fix" them, they become the Gold Standard during Turmoil.

The Leaders who Solve the Turmoil become Heroes.

Right now, we are Truly seeing Hero and Villain Dynamics play out.

Right now, so many people are thinking about Quitting because their Leaders "Are" Villains.

What do you Call a Person in Power who is "Literally" Killing those Under their Power?

A Villain.

Burnout is "Literally" Killing People.

Significant Stressors that are Causing Burnout are 100% Due to Work Conditions.

Excessive Work Hours.

Not Enough Time for Proper Recovery.

Unfair Pay.

Toxic Workplaces.

Lack of True Community (Being in the Same Location does "Not" Make Community, a large part of Why Return-To-Office "Mandates" Fail Horribly and some of the Best Communities are 100% Online).

Meaningless Work and Meetings.

Higher Demands with Fewer Productive Hours (Often Due to Meaningless Meetings).

This is only a Short List of Work Factors Contributing to Burnout.

All Caused by Poor Leadership, or perhaps it is Fair to say Villainous Leadership.

However, any Leader "Can" make a Choice.

Instead of continuing to Act Villainously, Choose to be a Part of the Solution.

"If" You as a Leader Choose a Different Path, then you Do Not Need to be Afraid of The Great Resignation 2.0!

If you Fix the Primary Problem - Burnout - then your Team and Organization will become "The" Place People Sprint Toward!

When The Great Resignation 2.0 happens, and People begin to Quit Everywhere, they "Will" be Looking for Somewhere Better to Work.

If You and the Employees in your Organization are Doing Great while Everyone Else is Doing Horrible, All Eyes Focus on You.

That Focus makes it Easier for You to Attract the Best Employees and can Contribute to Creating the Best Team(s).

But, it will Only happen "If" You Begin to Fix Burnout and the Further Underlying Problems that Cause Burnout.

What you Need as a Leader is to Design a Regenerative Legacy.

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