Reasons "Why" May Be Holding You Back - When "Why" Becomes Problematic

Reasons "Why" May Be Holding You Back - When "Why" Becomes Problematic

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If you have been in the world of Business for any period of time, you have heard that "Why" is extremely important.

There is some Truth to this, and Why can help Businesses in many different ways.

However, just as with anything, a "Why" is not a Cure-All, and it is not a Tool that can Fix Everything.

There are situations where "Why" may end up Holding You Back and become Problematic in Achieving Results.

For instance, "Why" can hold you back when it begins to become an Excuse.

I know that sounds strange, but it happens very frequently.

I see it most often in tandem with the word "Quality".

See, some people will say, "Our Products/Services are extremely High Quality", or something like that.

Their "Why" is "High Quality".

Then they begin work, but something happens.

Their Products/Services are deemed "Not High Quality Enough".

So it goes back to the Drawing Board...

Then it happens again... and again... and again.

In this situation, the "Why" of "High Quality" is no longer a Purposeful Why, but an Excuse for not going all-in or allowing stalling to occur.

Over time, what becomes discovered is that there is no "Definition" of "Quality" in the scenario, and it is actually an Excuse for things like Lack of Planning, Fear, and Not Knowing.

In this situation, the "Why" becomes what stands in the way of Success.

But this isn't the only place "Why" can hold you back.

Another place where I see Problems with "Why" is when there is no Action behind it.

Sometimes people believe that simply "Having" a Why is all that is needed to Succeed.

I frequently see this with "Purpose-Driven" Entrepreneurs who have the Amazing and Beautiful-Sounding "Whys"...

But when you ask how they plan on Achieving their Success, you discover that they Believe the "Why" will just... "Make them Successful".

As if a "Why" just "Magically" will make Sales.

This isn't how Reality works.

A "Why" can provide Purpose, but you still need "Action" to get Results.

If there is no Action, the "Why" doesn't mean anything to anyone.

If you say, "I want to Change The World", it sounds great!

But it means Nothing if you aren't looking for ways and taking Action to "Actually" Change the World.

In Business, No One cares what you want, they care about what you "Are" Doing.

So, for example, when I say in my Business that I Help People Change The World, I can give you Data on what we've Accomplished so far to Improve the World!

My Role as the Chief Regenerative Design Officer is to create Action Plans to "Accomplish" the Why of "Changing The World".

When people use their Hard-Earned Money to Buy Services, Products, or Aid in our Goals of Changing The World, I "Must" Prove that there are "Real" Results.

Without "Action", a "Why" is just Pretty Words...

If I have Learned anything in Business, it is Words are Cheap.

Action and Results are the only Real Currency in Business.

There is another way that "Why" can cause you Problems as a Leader.

It is when that "Why" does Not Connect to Anything or does Not Connect with Anyone.

See, a Powerful "Why" will draw people to it.

Employees can become attracted to a Powerful "Why" and thus it can Create a Buy-In to their Work.

However, this can also Work the Other Way.

When People don't see how a "Why" connects with a Good or Service, it becomes Confusing to them.

Confusion generally means Potential Customers walk away.

For Employees, if they do not see how their Work Contributes to a "Why", then it simply becomes Meaningless Words to them.

This is also based on Perception, so even "if" your Product/Service "does" contribute to your "Why", but the Employees do not "Perceive" how that is possible, then it is Meaningless to the Employee.

The Perception must "Match" the "Why" for it to be Powerful with Employees.

Often, it also must be something that People Connect With.

Even if "You" think that your "Why" is Amazing, but your target Audience (both Potential Customers and Employees) do not feel the same, you end up with the same Problem.

If the "Why" does not land with them, then it won't work.

Many Businesses have created Commercials where they thought their "Why" would stand out, only to watch themselves get dismantled on Social Media when it did not Connect.

However, I believe that perhaps there is one more area where a "Why" becomes the most Problematic.

That is when Leaders are Not Exemplars of the "Why".

For Instance, have you ever had a Family Member give you Health Advice while also doing stuff that was Completely Unhealthy?

Or what about Politicians who say they care about a certain "Cause" only to Vote Against It?

Then you have Businesses who say they care about "XYZ", but when push comes to shove they reveal that they will not stand with "XYZ".

I Frequently see these problems play out around "Why".

I see "Health and Fitness" Experts who look awful and do terrible things to their Bodies.

I see Business Leaders that frequently Greenwash and Virtue Signal, yet do nothing to attain those Goals, or worse, they Actively work against those Goals.

Doing this only Creates more and more Problems in the Long-Term.

At the End of the Day, "Why" has many great uses, but when used Improperly, it can also hold you back from Success.

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