One Of The Largest Lies We See In Business - What Makes It False

One Of The Largest Lies We See In Business - What Makes It False

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There are a lot of things that Businesses claim these days.

There are sides taken, and Beliefs spoken to say what Businesses stand for.

But when Businesses are put in tough situations, the Truth of their Beliefs always comes to light.

That's why I know, for a fact, that there is one thing most Businesses claim which is one of the biggest Lies I often see...

"We love our Employees and Customers!"

I know the pain that happens inside us as Humans when we hear the "right words", and want that to be the Truth, yet know that the speaker of the words is lying to your face.

How can I know that this is a Lie, the vast majority of the time?

You just have to look at the Quality of Lives of the Employees and Customers and how the Business Impacts them.

What is the Quality of Life for the majority of Employees and Customers?


Between the excessively high Group Burnout and the extreme levels of Struggle, it is easy to see that most Businesses do Not Love their Employees or Customers.

See, to Love you must Understand.

But most Businesses do Not Understand why their Employees or Customers do what they do.

They make Mandates and Sweeping Changes that leave their Employees and Customers feeling Alienated, Angry, and Spiteful.

That is a Potent Combination of proving Businesses don't Understand how they are Impacting others.

If Businesses Really Loved their Employees, we wouldn't see what we are seeing today.

Open revolts on Businesses.

Group Burnout running Rampant.

Mandates that go Ignored.

Employees Pushing Government Officials to Solve Problems.

All these are signs of a workforce that knows they are not Loved, treated poorly, and are beginning to fight back.

If Businesses really Loved their Customers, we wouldn't see what we are seeing today.

Gradual decline in Wellness and Wellbeing.

Extreme Financial Struggles.

Addiction Tactics to "Push" Customers to Purchase More.

Increased Business Profit while Customers' Quality of Life is Diminished.

None of these things show that Businesses Love their Employees and Customers.

What do they show that Businesses Love?


That is it at the end of the day.

When a Business says they can't figure out why their employees are "lazy" or "unmotivated", what they really are saying is...

"We don't know why our Employees are not making our Business the Theoretical Profit that should be made based on their position."

The Business Understands the Profit around how a Position "should" work in an Organization, but they are Failing to Understand the "Humans" that make the Profit happen.

When a Business says that they are Struggling with "Creativity", "Innovation", and "Solving Problems" from their Employees, what they really mean is...

"We don't understand how Humans Naturally should be able to unlock Creativity, Innovation, and Problem-Solving through Flow States and so fail to create a Workplace to unlock those in Employees."

The Business knows they have smart people who are capable of doing this type of work, their Systems are designed to Hire for it, but they are Failing to Understand how to unlock and utilize it in the "Humans" that make it happen.

When a Business says that they can't figure out how to Increase Profit Margins, what is really being stated is...

"We don't Understand why our Customers aren't Buying our Product. They should have the Income to afford what we are giving them and ours is the *insert adjective here* on the Market!"

The Business knows the general Income of its Market but fails to Understand the "Human" pressures that its Customers are currently facing, showing that they are completely unable to Imagine the Reality that the people they "supposedly" serve are facing.

What we are seeing is that Businesses do not Love Employees or Customers because they do not Understand them.

You Cannot Love What You Do Not Understand.

When you do not Understand, eventually your Actions Prove what you Truly Believe.

That is why I say, "Be more than you say."

Words are cheap, which is why most people do not Trust Business Leaders.

The Actions of Business Leaders continually Prove that they have no clue who their Employees or Customers are.

The Actions of Business Leaders continually Prove that the only thing they Love is Profit.

The sad thing is if Business Leaders began to Understand their Customers and Employees, it would unlock significantly more Profit than they could imagine.

I hope this Changes in the near Future, because if it doesn't, the Problems we are seeing today will look like Child's Play compared to what is coming.

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