Mother's Day - 2024

Mother's Day - 2024

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Today is Mother's Day.

I always find Holidays like this a bit strange.

Why do we only have one singular day for Mothers?

Why are we not celebrating our Mothers regularly?

They helped raise us.

They made sure we were fed and clothed.

They were with us during our best times.

They also still kept us around in our worst times.

I should probably also mention that my definition of Mother extends beyond just blood.

If your biological mother was amazing, like mine was, then make sure you let her know that frequently!

But I have had other Mothers in my life who have played significant roles as well.

A Mother is simply a woman role model who helped you become the person you are today.

I have talked about my Three Mothers in the Past, which is my Mom, Grandmother, and Aunt.

They are the central Mothers of my Life and I continue to learn from them and appreciate them.

I also had other mothers, as well, who played smaller, yet still significant roles in my Life.

I have had My Mother's Friends from high school become Mothers of mine.

I have had Martial Arts Mothers.

I have had Lacrosse Mothers.

I have had School Mothers.

I have even had Mothers from my Mom's Colleagues.

Some of them are still in my life Regularly.

Others have come and played a role for only a small period of time.

They are all extremely important to me though.

They say it takes a village to raise a child, and I have seen that play out.

Every Mother does things a little bit differently in helping raise the kids around them, whether related by blood or otherwise.

I have never seen 2 approaches be the same, not even with Siblings.

Even my Mom raised me "Completely" differently than my younger Siblings.

(PS - I think I was raised best! I don't think my siblings will read this and it lives on the internet, so it must be true and they won't argue it!)

Yet, despite how every Mother does things differently, people end up discovering which Mothers give them the tools they need to make it through life.

At the same time, when life inevitably Changes, sometimes in ways we do not enjoy, our Mothers are there to guide us along the Path we are on.

Isn't there something amazing and magical in all of this?

How Mothers can still get it right, even when things feel like they are stacked against them?

I know for a fact that my Mothers have faced so many trials, some of which I would never wish upon anyone.

Yet, despite the injuries, scars, traumas, and pains, Mothers still move forward and accomplish so much!

My heart goes out to all Mothers who are having a difficult day today.

Whether it is because of the Challenges you are facing due to circumstances in raising your children.

Or if today is a reminder of those who have passed on.

Know that all you have done and still do as a Mother is Appreciated.

Know that your mere presence provides so much Good in the world, even if it doesn't feel like it at times.

I'm not one to sugarcoat things, the hard times "are" difficult.

Just know that your Efforts have paid off more than you Realize and that they will continue to pay Dividends going into the Future.

So here is to all the Mothers out in the world right now!

Raising the next generation is perhaps the most difficult of roles, yet you do it with Grace!

Also, a special shoutout to My Three Mothers, and all the other amazing Women who were Mothers to me along the way.

Today is for you, and I hope you know that so is "Every" other day!

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