Leadership Is A Physical Game

Leadership Is A Physical Game

When you think of a Leader, what comes to mind?

Is it that ability to Speak Well?

What about the ability to Manage?

Could it be the way they Create a Vision?

Many Leaders do all of these things exceptionally, yet still Fail dramatically as Leaders.

Why is that?

It was something that I had wondered too when I began my career working with Leaders.

Why were there Leaders who had "all" the Skills they supposedly needed to Succeed, yet were consistently Failing?

We see this all the time with Leaders today, even in some of the most Successful Companies.

One thing to keep in mind, being a Leader in a Successful Company does not make you a Successful Leader.

It doesn't take long to see all the Leadership Failures that are occurring in even the most Successful Companies.

Most Leaders are Terrified right now, despite their Billion and Trillion Dollar "Worth".


The Leaders can see the writing on the wall.

If they can't figure out how to Change things in their Organizations, or how to Improve their Organizations, another company will come and destroy them.

Why do you think so many Leaders are talking about "Innovation"?

It's because they lack it, and no one in their Organization is figuring out how to get it.

All it takes is One Truly Innovative Company to Decimate entire Empires.

Just ask Blockbuster Videos or Kodak Film.

However, what all of these Leaders are also Failing to Understand is that Leadership is a Physical Game.

What do I mean by this?

Well, let's look at Skills really quickly.

How can Leaders have trained all of the skills, gone through all of the courses, and had private development with the top minds in different skills, yet still completely Fail?

Is it because they didn't train hard enough?

No, often their Success depends on them doing well with those skills, so the Leaders do work very hard to train well.

So what is standing in their way?

Their Psychophysiology.

It is what underlies everything else that they do.

When your Psychophysiology is wrong, your Skills become Useless.

It doesn't matter what Master you train under, or how long you've developed your skills.

When your Physical Body is off, it makes the Skills Irrelevant.

When we look deeper into this, there is actually a Survival Mechanism at play with this.

Our bodies can communicate directly to other bodies via Neurocardiology.

What this means is our Hearts create Electromagnetic Waves that transmit the state of our Psychophysiology.

For an even easier word to Understand here, our Wellness.

Why is this Important for Leaders?

Human Beings have an Innate Desire for Safety.

When they do Not Feel Safe, it can create a Chain Effect of Negative Consequences for Leaders.

In the past, Survival depended on Leaders who could handle the Stress of Survival and could continually help people Feel Safe.

Through these Electromagnetic Waves, Humans can sense when another person is Well, or otherwise.

When Leaders are Well, they become a source of Safety and can pull people into Calm through a phenomenon called Entrainment.

When a Leader is not Well, they become a source of Risk to Survival, aka are Unsafe.

Quite literally, a Human's ability to Think Clearly diminishes when they are Unwell, so it could potentially mean Death to follow an Unwell Leader.

When people feel Unsafe around a Leader, so many Challenges will begin to occur.

So why does this matter in Today's world?


Most people are in Horrible states of Dis-Stress, which is a literal risk to their Survival, and are looking to escape from it.

However, Leaders themselves are also in horrible Dis-Stress, which others can literally feel via Electromagnetic Waves.

This makes No One Feel Safe when they are within Proximity of each other.

This leads to Extreme Insecurity that occurs, which Impacts everyone and further makes all Leadership Skills useless.

At the end of the day, Leadership is a Physical Game.

If your Psychophysiology is Off, you won't Succeed in the long term.

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