Having Grace In Today's World - A Story Of Road Rage

Having Grace In Today's World - A Story Of Road Rage

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I do my best to be a very peaceful person and to help people through the Challenges they face.

We live in a world today where people have so many Problems and they often don't know how to solve them or feel like they have anyone with them.

When Humans are like this for long periods of time, those Problems and Loneliness tend to add up, and the Result can be Bewildering.

Yesterday I had an encounter with such an Individual.

I'm currently traveling in a State that I'm not from and have only been to a handful of times.

I was driving my family trying to get to a brunch where we were celebrating my Sister-in-Law who just graduated (and we are extremely proud of!).

We get to where the brunch is to be held and it is busy!

Very, very busy.

We are trying to find a parking space anywhere around, driving for at least 5 minutes.

There are tons of other people trying to find spots, and the construction going on means there is even less space to park.

A few times we are just moments too late to get a spot as someone else dashes in.

My Brother-in-Law is very irritated, which is difficult for him because of his neurodivergence, and we would be glad to get "anywhere" around.

I finally happen upon a spot where a young woman is putting her baby in the car and stroller away to leave.

We're happy because we finally found something!

I throw my blinker on so others know that I'm just waiting for this lady to finish getting her baby in the car safely.

Not less than 30 seconds later, an older woman goes to her car in the handicap section.

Now, there wasn't anything obvious that could be seen with this older woman that would warrant her need for a handicapped spot, but of course, there could be things unseen.

She gets in her car, but can't quite get out yet because our car is in the way waiting for the young lady with her child.

I would take the older woman's spot if I could, but it is a handicap spot and I can't park there.

I would reverse if I could, but there is another car behind us which makes me a bit stuck.

Less than 10 seconds later, the older woman is out of her car making gestures at us.

I can tell the older woman wants to leave, but the young lady still has a bit to get done for putting her kind in the car.

Another 10 seconds pass and the older woman goes around our vehicle to come up to my window.

I haven't done anything so I roll down the window to hear what the older woman has to say.

Before the window is down she is already screaming.

"Are you that dumb?!"

I say to her as calmly as I can, "Maam, I'm not sure what you want me to do. I'm waiting for this spot here, and this mother is putting her child in the car."

Without the slightest hesitation, she screams at me again, "I don't care "what" you have!"

There were a few more profanities thrown in the mix that I am not really recalling but after about 20 seconds of screaming at us, she went back to her vehicle.

I'm still waiting for the mother to finish getting her child in the car, and the older woman has decided enough is enough.

The older woman gets in her car and starts reversing, I'm assuming in an attempt to intimidate me, otherwise, I'm really not sure what she was thinking.

I still can't really move, but the mother is almost finished.

I also have a rental vehicle with insurance, so if the older woman hits us I'm really not concerned.

Not only will her insurance be paying for it, but we're completely covered on our end.

The older woman gets just about as close as she can to us without hitting us.

Right about this moment, there is a Police Patrol vehicle that is making its way due to the commotion the older woman is making.

The older woman, from what my spouse tells me as I couldn't see the woman at this point, was gesturing to the Officers to come over.

I'm not worried because I haven't done anything wrong at this point, and I believe the vast majority of police officers are amazing people so I have no problem speaking with them.

My blinker is very clearly on, and the Officers see the young lady about to pull out.

They just remain in their vehicle, likely seeing the situation for what it is.

As the young lady begins to leave, I start to go into the spot that is finally open.

As the older woman passes, she smashes her horn for a good 10 seconds, making it "very" clear of her discontent.

As if she didn't make it clear before with her cursing at us.

At the end of that crazy minute, we finally got out of our car and headed to Brunch.

Now, I know you may be thinking, "Wow, that older lady is such a..."

Insert whatever adjective you like.

I get it, but I want to challenge you to ask different questions.

What is so wrong in this older woman's life that she felt she couldn't wait a minute?

What problems is she having that she felt the need to scream at a family who is not from the area?

What was going on that made her blind to the young lady with a child that was about to leave, and then disregard it completely?

What was making her so frustrated that she felt the need to take it out on someone else?

I will likely never get answers to these questions, but the Reality of our world today is that there are many who are having a lot of Problems, and this Dis-Stress is extreme.

I'm also not saying that the older lady was justified in what she did or said, far from it, but what I am saying is that it is explainable.

When we are in Dis-Stress, we become blind and less capable of being the good people we can be.

That is where this woman was that day.

We can choose to meet people in their Dis-Stress and put ourselves into it as well in the process.

Or, we can choose a different Path.

We can try to make the world a slightly better place around us.

When people bring their Dis-Stress and throw it at us, we can choose not to accept it, and not give them more Dis-Stress in return.

For all that we went through, at the end of the day I Hope for this...

That the older woman finds Peace from her Dis-Stresses.

That she Grows in Time to see other ways to Express her Frustrations.

Eventually, that she may find her own ways of Improving the World around her.

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