Emotions In Peak Performance - Understanding That We Are Human

Emotions In Peak Performance - Understanding That We Are Human

When your Goal is to be The Best, or even One of the Best, you're going to be on a Difficult Road.

There is this common Misunderstanding that exists when we Push for Peak Performance to Reach the Goal.

It is this Belief that we Should have Certain Emotions to get to our Peak and that we Should Not have Other Emotions.

When this Belief System runs in the background, it will set us up for Failure.

The Reason is Simple.

The Difficult Road is Exactly That - Difficult.

When you Strive for The Best and Peak Performance, You will Constantly be faced with Difficulties.

The Difficulties we Encounter will Test Every Single Emotion we have.

You will be faced with Struggle.

You will be faced with Sadness.

You will be faced with Pain.

You will be faced with Anger.

You will be faced with Frustration.

You will be faced with Loss.

You will be faced with Failure.

You will be faced with Confusion.

You will be faced with Exhaustion.

You will be faced with Hopelessness.

All of this and More is Inevitable.

What you do when Faced with these will Determine How Far you can go.

If you Believe that these are Signs of Weakness, you will Instinctually try to Run from them.

You may attempt to do this through Shaming Yourself for Feeling Them.

Denying that You Feel them at all.

Attempting to Bury the Emotions.

However, the more you try to Run from them, the Worse They Become.

The Reason they get worse is that when you Feel these Emotions that are Inevitable, you will React to them as a Stressor.

If every time you Feel These they Cause Stress, then you will continually be Bombarded with Stressors, which will become Dis-Stress.

This then becomes a Blocker to Your Success.

Every time You Feel these Emotions, they will quite literally Prevent Your Success.

Now, this may sound like a Hopeless Situation.

If these Emotions are Inevitable, and when they Cause you Dis-Stress it Prevents Success, then how can you ever Succeed?

The Secret existing within this is that these Emotions are Normal and Human to have and Experience.

They only block us from Success "If" we Believe We Should Not Have Them.

If we feel Shame for being Human, we will Always Fail.

However, if we Approach it the Other Way, with Acceptance, there is a Different Response.

When we Run from these Emotions, it Causes Dis-Stress.

When we Accept these Emotions, We Learn from them.

All Emotions have a Purpose.

Every Single One We Experience.

We just need to Learn to Understand them.

This is where they can begin to become Powerful.

See, when we try to act as if these Emotions are Not Normal, these Prevent us from Attaining Peak Performance via Dis-Stress.

However, when we begin to Understand them, they give us the Information we Need to Get to Peak Performance more Frequently.

Instead of becoming sources of Dis-Stress, they give us Valuable Clues of what is in the way of our Success.

When we Understand the Emotions, they tell us what we Need from Moment to Moment.

Instead of Avoiding these Emotions, we must Accept that We Are Human and Everything that Comes with that.

Peak Performance is not about an Ideal.

It is about Fully Being Ourselves.

It is about Fully Understanding Ourselves.

It is about Fully Growing Into Our Potential.

Emotions are Not something to be Afraid of.

Emotions are a Necessary Component of being Human and Reaching Peak Performance.

The Difficult Road to becoming The Best, or One of the Best, only becomes More Difficult when we Attempt to Deny Our Emotions.

But through Understanding Our Emotions, the Difficult Road is Made Easier.

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