Another Factor That Separates Sages From Masters - Why Sages Stand Out

Another Factor That Separates Sages From Masters - Why Sages Stand Out

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In my article The 8 Stages to a Quality Career, I detailed each of the steps one must go through to advance to the highest levels in any Industry.

The vast majority of people never make it past the Mastery Phase.

Part of the Reason this occurs is that the Mastery Phase is all about mastering what already "is".

Most people are trained for large portions of their lives to only make it to the Mastery Phase.

When people say that Universities only train people to be "good employees", they are essentially saying the same thing.

Universities typically teach people to be Masters and give them all the tools and strategies to do so.

However, there is a gigantic difference in the skills and mindsets required to go from being a Master to truly becoming a Sage.

See, in the process of becoming a Sage, there is a necessary component that completely Changes the Game.

It revolves around Creativity and Innovation.

Masters are great at doing what already exists, or what some call "Maintaining the Status Quo".

But Sages have to Create and Innovate the "Future".

They must Challenge and Break the Status Quo.

It is a significantly different set of skills and difficulties to attain that status of Sage.

Now, a Master can always choose to begin the path toward becoming a Sage, but most do not make it.

Why is that?

Well, it is about more than just Learning the Skills and Mindsets of the Sage.

Anyone could learn the Skills and Mindsets, but there is a difference between "Knowing" and "Doing".

Then, it isn't just about "Doing", and this is "Really" where the difference becomes highlighted between a Master and a Sage.

On top of "Doing", a Sage can "Do" what they do, regardless of Circumstances.

See, part of what holds Masters back is that their Creativity and Innovation attempts are restricted.

They may have a certain part of the day that they always try to fit their Creative and Innovative pursuits into.

They may have a specific Ritual or Process that they "must" Follow to get into the right Mindset and Skillset.

Now, don't get me wrong, having a Ritual and Process is a great way to "begin" the Path toward becoming a Sage, and in many ways, they are necessary to build the correct Skills.

You must be "Intentional" if you want to become a Sage.

But eventually, the Skills and Mindset must become "who" you are, and the Rituals and Processes eventually become Limiters to Sagehood.

See, a Sage is not Limited when it comes to their Creativity and Innovation.

They figure out how to "turn it on" when it is necessary.

It may not happen 100% of the time, due to various factors of Psychophysiology, but they can do it with Extreme Consistency.

The best Sages can do it 90%+ of the time.

When various Factors of Life pop up, a Master will Shrink Back to the Status Quo and say they just can't get in the "Right State".

But to the Sage, it almost becomes a game.

They "Know" that Life will attack "how" they do their work, and "that" becomes an Opportunity for the Sage.

They understand that in those moments the Masters will fall back, which gives the Sage the ability to make Leaps and Bounds forward with next to No Competition.

When the Master worries about "if" they will be able to do something, the Sage "Knows" their Opportunity to Shine is "Now".

For instance, a Master will worry about "if" they can accomplish their work when a Trip comes up.

Generally, they do not accomplish the work at the end of the day.

A Sage thinks about "where" they will get it done, and then "Do" it, regardless of "Any" circumstances.

Even in the "Least" Likely Situations, a Sage will get it Done.

A Sage doesn't need to be at their "Best" to be Creative and Innovative.

They Turn It On and Create the Situations to Win.

When this happens, a Master "must" admit that they aren't there yet, and this is also usually where a Master settles.

They don't see how the Sage continues to push ahead, and so remain content at being Masters.

This only makes the Sage stand out more, because others begin to wonder in awe how the Sage continues to Push Ahead.

What throws everyone else "Off their Game" only makes the Sage Better.

The longer this continues, the further Sages separate themselves.

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