A Sign Of A Dying Organization - It Doesn't Take Long To Figure It Out And You Can Discover It Without Data

A Sign Of A Dying Organization - It Doesn't Take Long To Figure It Out And You Can Discover It Without Data

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There are many ways to look for Problems in an Organization.

Often, Leaders will go into Data to see what Problems they are having, and where they might be coming from.

Deep Dives into Data sometimes go for Days, Weeks, and Months.

However, the Data doesn't reveal the Real Problems, and only indicates Symptoms of the Problems.

This is when Leaders make the Mistake of Chasing Symptoms while the Real Problems continue to Elude them.

It is like taking a Cough Drop, thinking it will solve Covid - solving the Symptom doesn't Solve the Problem.

However, give me One Day at an Organization, and I can tell you if it is Dying.

I don't even need to look at Numbers or Data to determine it.

I could even pinpoint which Teams are Healthier, and which are the ones most likely to have Problems.

All of this, without even Talking to them.

What is it that I am looking for?

Smiling and Laughing.

Now, I know that may sound Ridiculous.

How could "that" tell you what Numbers and Data Cannot?

It's a great question that I'll explain.

What makes Teams work?


For Teams to get work done, be on the same page, and make their way through the Challenges, they must work "Together".

However, you can work in the same Vicinity and never work "Together".

The Honest Truth is that in nearly all Businesses today, people "only" work in the same Vicinity, never actually becoming a Team.

They are Miserable, Despise their Work and Leaders, and will only do the Minimum Required to keep their Job.

This is a major contributor to the 80% of Burnout in Employees today, with more Employees close behind.

Do you know what people who Hate their Jobs never do?

Smile or Laugh.

There is a lot more to this though.

Where do the Best Teams need to get to in order to Achieve the Best Results?

Group Flow States.

Now, Flow by itself is an extremely Powerful Force.

It's Benefits are Numerous:

  • Increased Innovation

  • Better Creative Problem Solving

  • Faster Learning

  • Significantly Increased Productivity

Just to name a few of the Benefits.

In Group Flow, the Increases in these become Exponentially Better.

Now, the thing about Flow States is that we can get into Individual Flow States, but "Never" Reach Group Flow.

When you look at an Organization, do you know what generally happens when an Individual is capable of getting into Flow States and gets Amazing Results, but isn't getting into Group Flow?

They are looking for another Job, often with a Competitor.

This becomes double problematic because generally, Leaders will over-rely on someone who is able to get into Flow alone, and when that person leaves all of the Leader's Plans become useless.

All because no one else on the Team can reliably get into Flow.

Usually, because they are... say it with me... Miserable.

When people are High Performers, they have the Desire to work on a Team with "Other" High Performers.

There is an Inherent part of being Human to want to be in a Successful Interdependent Team.

What happens on Teams that are Successful and Interdependent?

They Enjoy being around each other.

They Smile.

They Laugh.

Of course, when things need to be Serious and Results are necessary, they also Perform, getting into Group Flow together.

But, because We Can't stay in Flow States Forever, there are bound to be periods of Active Recovery "Between" those Flow States.

When people Enjoy being around each other, which is further enhanced by Group Flow States, they will Smile and Laugh with each other during those Active Recoveries.

There is also a lot of Research that shows that when we have Fun in our Lives, everything we do Improves.

Work Improves when we have Fun!

Relationships Improve when we have Fun!

Even Fitness and Muscle Growth Improve when we have Fun!

Life is "meant" to be Fun.

Even doing Hard Work is meant to be Fun!

On the Flip Side, when we are Miserable, this becomes a Stressor.

If you have followed my work, you know what I'm about to say...

All Stress Adds.

However, the state of being Miserable usually is a Stressor at Multiple Levels of our Health.

Emotionally, Relationally, and even Spiritually (ie Purpose and Fulfillment).

As each of these is Damaged by being Miserable, it becomes a major Dis-Stress, and when Added to all our other Stressors generally becomes Burnout.

Then, if we bring Neurocardiology into the Mix, we have even more Fascinating things occur.

Our Stressors "or" Our Calm can be passed to others via Neurocardiology through Electromagnetic Waves in a Process known as Entrainment.

So if you have a Team full of Miserable People, all in Dis-Stress, they will be passing that back and forth to each other making it worse.

But a Team that is Laughing and Smiling?

They will be passing Joy, and Calm, to each other, making it significantly more likely for them to get into Group Flow together.

If you pay close attention, you can see this happen on Teams.

You can even Identify "who" the Problem likely is on any given team.

Do people smile around each other, only to get "serious" when someone else comes within the Vicinity?

You know who your likely Candidate for "Problems" is.

Far too often, I see this when "Leaders" walk into the room.

There is a lot that becomes Revealed in Leadership and Team Dynamics by understanding Human Psychophysiology.

It is why Psychophysiology is the Basis of Legendary Leadership and Regenerative Legacy Design.

When our Psychophysiology is off, you will have Larger Problems in a short time, if you are not already Experiencing them.

When those Problems Persist, you know that your Organization is Dying.

Sometimes that Death is a Long, Slow, and Painful Process, but at the end of the day the Health of the Teams determines the Health of the Organization.

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