A Secret Tool For Peak Performance - Something Most People Have Forgotten

A Secret Tool For Peak Performance - Something Most People Have Forgotten

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I am someone who is always interested in finding how to Improve my Performance in Life.

As an Entrepreneur and Semi-Professional Athlete, I take my Health and Energy (Mg-ATP) seriously.

There are a lot of things that I use to get to Peak States often and consistently.

From paying close attention to the Foods I eat, and adding the Specific Supplements I need, to the Tools I use to pay attention and improve my Life.

This includes my WHOOP Band, my Lief Device, and my Garmin Watch, which each tracks slightly different things so I can adjust and be at my best.

However, there is One Tool that I have that I always pay attention to more closely than anything else that I use.

I believe it is the Single Most Important Tool that one can utilize for Peak Performance, yet very few people use it.

Want to know what it is?

My Body.

Long before any tools, technologies, supplements, or anything else were even an Idea in anyone's head, our ancestors had their Bodies.

It was with their Bodies, without anything else, that allowed our Ancestors to rise and overcome every single challenge they had.

What is sad is that this is something we Still have access to Today, but so few people actually use it.

Now, I know "Why" most people don't use it.

It really comes down to Two Reasons.

The First is that most people have Forgotten how to Listen to their Bodies.

Our Bodies can give us Extremely Fine-Tuned Information on how to Significantly Improve our Lives.

But you have to Know what that Information Means.

For instance, does the Rumble in your stomach mean you're Starving?

Or is it just a side effect of Digestion?

Could it be Food Poisoning?

Or is your Stomach asking for a Specific Micro-Nutrient?

Perhaps it is saying that you've gotten Too Much of a Micro-Nutrient?

All of these can be signals that our Bodies tell us, but most people have either Forgotten or Never Learned what those signals mean.

Then, the Second Reason that most people don't listen to their Bodies is that they Do Not Trust Themselves.

We live in a World today where everyone tells us that it is Impossible for us to "Ever" Understand the Magnitudes of the Universe...

So instead of trusting yourself, trust "Us".

Some mysterious organization that uses gigantic words and "data" to confuse us, and "experts" that are paid to say things to convince you that "they" should be listened to.

All in an effort to get You to Stop Trusting in Yourself.

Have you ever wondered how "9 out of 10 doctors" recommend specific brands... but the competitor brand "also" has "9 out of 10 doctors" recommend "their" brand?

How could 9 out of 10 doctors recommend different brands of the same product?

It's really easy - the Brands ask the doctors, "Hey, what would you recommend? Our Product, or Nothing?"

Most of the time, the doctor recommends "Something" rather than nothing.

Boom, you now have 9 out of 10 doctors "Recommending" the Brand.

And the Brands use "Doctors" as an "Authority" source to get us to not listen to ourselves, but to trust that "Authority".

Now, this is not "always" a bad thing per se, but it becomes the Issue when "Everything" tells us this same message.

"Do Not Trust Yourself, Trust "Our" Experts."

Subliminally, it tells us to stop paying attention to our own Bodies.

When we combine these Two Reasons, Not Knowing what the Signals Mean and Authority Figures Convincing Us to Not Trust Ourselves, it leads us to always seek out things outside of ourselves.

But Our Bodies are Very Capable of Guiding Us to Peak Performance.

We have to Learn the Language of our Bodies though, and Trust that it can provide us Valuable Information we can Understand.

When you begin to Learn that Language, you'll Discover something.

All of the Tools we have Access to are great and can give us fascinating Insights, but they "All" should take second place to our own Bodies.

There are so many things that our Bodies can Identify that no other technology can fathom in understanding today.

If we truly want to reach Peak Performance, we must become In Tune with our Bodies.

It is the Ultimate Tool we have access to.

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