A Secret Of Improvement - Something Most People Miss To Their Detriment

A Secret Of Improvement - Something Most People Miss To Their Detriment

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I work with a lot of people who want to Improve their Lives.

Whether they are Focused on Reducing their Stressors, Improving their Health and Fitness, Growing their Businesses, or Expanding their Teams.

However, there is something that most people Completely Miss on the Path to Improvement.

We often have this Immediate Response to seek and push for the "Best" from the very first step.

If you want to Reduce your Stressors, you want to Reduce "All" of your Stressors Now.

If you want to Improve Your Health and Fitness, you want to reduce your Age by 100 years and become a Professional Athlete by Tomorrow.

If you are Growing Your Business, you want to become a 10-Figure Business with Multiversal Partnerships Yesterday.

If you are Expanding Your Team, you want only the Best Ivy-League Trained, Super-Geniuses, who also have Super-Powers that could beat The Avengers and Justice League... Simultaneously.

Of course, I may be being a "bit" Extreme, but I have conversations with people who go to Extremes immediately.

However, this becomes the Problem.

Usually the "Extremes" are Unsustainable, Not Possible to Attain (at least at first), or Don't Exist.

People Chase these Extremes and never get close to them.

It is a Dream, and it Remains a Dream.

However, we can approach Improvement a different way.

It is also very simple.

Good, Better, Best.

Let's look at this from a Diet Perspective.

Most people start where they are, which is "Good" based on whatever life has brought them thus far.

Usually there are Habits we wish we didn't have and tendencies to pursue foods we know aren't good for us.

However, given where we came from, how our bodies are designed to function, and the many challenges that exist, it is usually pretty impressive most people do as well as they do!

So, we start at "Good".

But, our tendency is to attempt to find "The Best" Immediately.

This leads to a lot of Confusion, Chasing Diets that don't work, putting Undue Stressors on our Bodies that actually make things Worse.

We try to get "Best" Immediately, but end up in a Significantly Worse Situation.

Instead of getting the Results we hoped for, we often get Sicker, and many people Backslide.

But what Happens when we just go to "Better"?

Instead of going from 0 - 1 Billion in a Second, what if we just took it one step at a time?

What if instead of changing "All" of the Food we Eat, we just Improved 1 Meal a Week?

Instead of Not Eating for Days at a time, what if we just had 1 Smaller Meal?

What if we just ate Fewer Processed Foods?

Could we get Results?

Well, according to Research, most people can get about 80% of their Results from doing Very Simple Things, Consistently.

How much better would your Life be if you got 80% of the way to your Goals?

What if it didn't "Need" to be Hard?

The Truth is that if we use what we have Easily Available to us, we could get Significantly Better Results than if we try to get to "Best" Immediately.

I have found working with Clients that no matter what sphere of Life we are pursuing, that simply looking to get Continuous Small Improvements, you will get to your Goals faster than you Imagined.

Often, I also find you can get Significantly "Better" Results than you ever Imagined as well.

Think of it like this...

Most people want to Improve their Lives by 2X in 1 Month.

When they don't get that, they feel like everything is against them.

But when people go for "Better" and Improve their Lives by 1.04X (A Reference to Flow States), in 5 Years they 10X their Lives.

What would Your Life look like if it got 10X Better?

Can you Conceive what that would be?

The thing is that this is Significantly More in your Reach than you Realize, and it doesn't ever Require you get to the "Best".

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